Suzuki Access 125cc Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Suzuki has been operating since 1909, initially they were named Suzuki Loom Works. The company is named after its founder Michio Suzuki, and after 107 years the company is still kicking! Although in India, Suzuki has a sub-division with Maruti named Maruti-Suzuki, but for the motorbike and scooter production Suzuki has established a standalone centralized production and marketing facility here. Currently more than 45,000 works for Suzuki all over the world – and this company has reputation of providing great facilities for its workers. The distributor coverage of Suzuki is available in 133 countries – all these indicate a great business strength.

However, the Suzuki Access is a flagship Suzuki scooter. It’s a unisex scooter, although apparently the male population would love it more. It has bold accents, but aggressiveness has been concealed with care so that anyone can ride the Suzuki Access. The power train and fuel efficiency makes it an ideal two wheeler for anyone who would need a vehicle for their everyday commutation from home to workplace or educational institute. The Suzuki Access scooter will get easily get blend into one’s lifestyle without forcing any change on the individual which is a great thing. The riding experience is full of life and fun, it is in no way a boring everyday ride like a lot other in the market.

The design has been slightly face-lifted in the latest model to give it the necessary ‘latest’ feel. The automatic transmission system allows for easier riding for anyone young or old. There’s a DC power socket to allow one to recharge their cellphones or other belongings that might require a little top up on the fly. With Suzuki Easy Start, no fiddling with the kick starter is really necessary.

Features, Accessories

Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access has a powerful engine with a displacement of 124 cc. Sub-100cc displacement engines are mostly popular in the Indian market for their mileage and riding efficiency, butt the Suzuki Access has similar properties as well. It’s a single cylinder engine with only one spark plug, the electronic ignition is based on CDI technology. Suzuki Access can pull off a maximum of 8.40 bhp power at 7,000 rpm and the maximum torque offering is 10.20 Nm at 5,000 rpm. Higher amount of torque means easier rolling on even tougher surfaces – thus, Suzuki Access could do some levels of amateur off-roading. It’s fun!

The automatic shifter works in CVT technology. Similar principal is used in modern motorcars, the riding experience gets a whole lot of enhancement with the inclusion of these technologies in Suzuki Access.

The Suzuki Access has a 5.60 liters fuel tank, the average mile is 60 kmpl. With one full tank, the Access could offer a range of up to 358 kilometers – depending on the riding style.


Best Rated Features
Displacement 124cc
Maximum Power 8.40bhp @ 7,000rpm
Maximum Torque 10.20 Nm @ 5,000rpm
Top Speed 90kmph
Mileage 60kmpl
Speedometer Analogue
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Colors and Variants

There are 4 variants for the Suzuki Access in total – drum brake standard edition, drum brake special edition, disc brake standard edition, and disc brake special edition. The color schemes for the Suzuki Access are Glass Sparkle Black, Pearl Migrate White, Metallic Matte, Candy Sonoma Red, Pearl Suzuki Deep and Pearl Mirage White.


  • Smooth engine and acceleration.
  • Great riding quality with telescopic suspension.
  • The handling is really nice.
  • Huge 20L storage under-seat.


  • Looks bulky.
  • Design language slightly outdated.
  • Mileage slightly lesser due to higher engine displacement.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Bangalore INR 63,795
Mumbai INR 66,500
Pune INR 62,952
New Delhi INR 60,169
Chennai INR 65,800
Kolkata INR 64,629
Hyderabad INR 64,410
Ahmedabad INR 64,510


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