8 Best Scooty-Scooter Manufacturing Companies in India 2018

Scooty and Scooters are really popular in India and they are the choice of working professionals, businessman as well as the students. They make it easy to commute from one place to another. If you go back a few decades in history then you will notice that the most popular two-wheeler in that era was scooty and scooters. Bikes and cars came into the picture after many years. In this article, we have listed some of the most popular Scooty and Scooter Manufacturer companies in India. In addition to this, all these companies are experts in their domain and they produce a great piece of technology which are highly reliable.

Let us now have a look at the list.

8. TVS


Our list starts with TVS and as per the information available, TVS is the third largest manufacturer when it comes to the market cap. The brand has launched iconic models Streak, Wego, and pep. The brand also offers reliable products and it has wide service network to ensure the comfort of the customer.

7. Vespa


Vespa is quite a popular company and with it was able to gain a major market share with its redesigned scooty. In addition to this, the scooty became the choice of the youth. It should be noted that the company was formed from Piaggio Manufacturers which was basically a company which manufactured Scooters in an earlier time. The company is also launching a Vespa with a 300 cc model soon.

6. Mahindra


Next on our list in Mahindra and the company has a good hold in the Indian market. There are many popular products of the company like Gusto and Rodeo. They are also one of the highest selling scooty in India.

5. Bajaj


Bajaj needs no introduction as it has highest market penetration when it comes to two-wheeler market. The brand has many gearless scooty which are often durable and affordable. One of the most popular products of the company is Kristal. The product of the companies are affordable and they have a low cost of maintenance.

4. Yamaha


The list can’t be complete without Yamaha and the brand is known for R & D. in addition to this, there are many offerings from the brand which gives a lot of choice to the buyer. Few of the popular products from Yamaha includes Alpha, Ray, Ray – Z

3. Suzuki


Suzuki is on number 3 in our list and they had been manufacturing two-wheelers since 1952. The brand has products like access 125 and some of the two-wheelers from the brand offers a manufacturer. The brand has a good reputation in the Indian market.

2. Honda


Honda changed the dynamics of the scooty market with its product Activa and Aviator. These two are the most popular products of the company and they changed the way automakers designed the scooty. Honda is a trendsetter in true sense when it comes to scooty and scooters in the Indian market.

1. Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotorCorp

On number one, we have Hero MotoCorp, the company has a huge customer base and the main advantage of buying a product from this brand is that the high resale value even after years of use. One of the most popular products of this brand includes Maestro and it is also one of the highest selling scooty in India.

These were some of the best Scooty and Scooter Manufacturing companies in India and if you are planning to buy a two-wheeler soon then you may opt for a product from any of these companies and you can be assured of the reliability of the two-wheeler.

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