Aprilia SR150 Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Although the brand Aprilia may not be a very popular one in the Indian subcontinent, people have in fact been using motorbikes produced by this company for a long time already. The famous (or infamous) Vespa scooters are in fact produced by Piaggio; the same company that owns Aprilia. All these chains are based in Italy and they are branding their products across the whole world, India happens to fall in an active marketing region for Piaggio. The company had started in the industry by making simple yet gorgeous looking and excellent functioning bicycles. Later on, motorized two wheelers were put into the manufacture and supply chain and now we have what Aprilia is today.

Aprilia specialized in manufacturing two wheelers of various size and capacity. Even the Aprilia SR150 model we are about to talk about is a larger scooter than the average Indian models. The engine displacement is quite bigger at the same, there aren’t many scooters in India that comes with a 150 cc displacement engine. Large sports motorbikes like the V-Twin RSV Mile are Aprilia’s specialty. The model we have mentioned just yet, comes with a 1,000 cc engine. The rumble alone would be able to frighten the non-biker population, let alone a road-show.

Since people now needs to be mobile in order to increase productivity and business, movement through a city at the fastest pace has now become a basic right. Motorbikes and scooters are the only vehicles that can effectively get a person from point A to point B without making much sacrifice. Sure, motorcycles may be faster in comparison to scooters. But scooters offer ease of riding and that is important to a lot of people.

Features, Specifications and Accessories

Aprilia SR150

The Aprilia SR150 scooter comes with a bigger engine, unlike many other scooters in production and market distribution in the Indian region. The engine displacement is 154.40 cc. It can pull off a maximum power of 11.20 bhp at 7,000 rpm and the maximum torque this scooter is able to pull off is 11.50 Nm at 5,500 rpm. There’s only one cylinder in the Aprilia SR150 scooter with single spark plug ignition using CDI technology. Air cooling technology keeps the engine decently cooled even over longer periods of riding. There are 3 valves per cylinder – makes it easier to better utilize the engine power. Aprilia SR150 uses a CVT type automatic transmission.

Due to having a larger engine, the curb weight of the SR150 is 122 kilograms. For people bigger in size, this added weight may not make a huge difference.


Best Rated Features
Displacement 154.40cc
Maximum Power 11.20bhp @ 7,500rpm
Maximum Torque 11.50 Nm @ 5,000rpm
Top Speed 96kmph
Mileage 52kmpl
Speedometer Analogue
Wheel Size 14 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes 

Color and Variants

Aprilia SR150 comes in only one variant in the Indian market – the Standard variant. There are only two color schemes available – Red and White and Red and Black. Basically the design is based on red with white or black accents. Most customers tend to go with the black accent though.


  • The design is sharp and bold. Excellent in overall judgment.
  • Due to a higher displacement engine, we loved the performance.
  • In overall judgment, Aprilia SR150 strikes a better appeal than many other scooters in the market.


  • Overall okay, but in comparison to price the ride quality feels little underdone.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Bangalore INR 79,632
Mumbai INR 78,283
Pune INR 74,006
New Delhi INR 75,103
Chennai INR 77,950
Kolkata Not available
Hyderabad Not available




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