Best 10 Scooty (Scooter) for 5 Feet Height

As a matter of fact, scooters are one of the easiest ways to commute in the city on a regular basis. The gear-less appeal of scooty makes it unique for an array of riders. However, short / 5 feet riders often face problems due to the vehicle’s height as well as weight in some of the cases. Both, short men as well as women end-up facing a problem when it comes to a seamless daily commute. Also, companies are targeting potential female buyers by offering them two-wheelers with low-height & less weight, respectively. Now, today we will be talking about the 5 best scooty / scooter specifically picked for you, which are of great worth to 5 feet riders.

  1. Scooty Pep

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

  • One of the most cost-effective two-wheeler in the country, Scooty Pep encompass intuitive graphics, a dedicated utility box, automatic fuel tap, glove box, bad holder and much more.
  • The vehicle has been offered with a generous array of amenities by the manufacturer.
  • The base price of the vehicle starts at Rs. 39,900/-. The overall height of Scooty Pep rests at just 3.5 Feet and thus, it surely is convenient for you to ride.

Height: 3.5 Feet, Seat Height: 2.42 feet

  1. TVS Jupiter

    TVS Jupiter 110cc


  • Motor giant launched TVS Jupiter in the country in 9 different colour trims.
  • Priced between Rs. 52,400/- to Rs. 58,634, the vehicle weighs just 108 kg. Jupiter can be a great pick for short riders considering the fact that apart from a great physical robust design, the company has kept the overall height to 3.5 Feet.
  • The seat height of the same rests at 2.5 Feet.

Height: 3.6, Seat Height:2.5

  1. Honda Dio:

Honda Dio Bike

Apart from its ravishing compliance to BS IV engine, Honda motor is offering power backed by superior body design. When it comes to the overall vehicle design, one can get access to a vehicle height of 3.71 Feet.

Talking about the technical amenities, the company has offered dedicated charging sockets amidst the seat. The seat height of Honda Dio is just 2.5 Feet.

Height: 3.71, Seat Height:2.5

  1. Suzuki Burgman Street 125


The splendid Suzuki Burgman Street 125 falls on the upper-side of the price cap. The vehicle has been priced around Rs. 72,600/-, however, stressing upon the requirements of short riders, Suzuki has kept the vehicle height at 3.74 Feet.

Thus, we can say that you don’t have to worry about a smooth daily commute. With a mileage of 53.5 kmpl and engine capacity of 124.00 cc, this scooty can be your out of the box pick.

Height: 3.74, Seat Height:2.55

  1. Honda Grazia:

If you’re a short rider and a speed enthusiast, Honda Grazia can be a considerable pick. The vehicle has a top speed of 85 kmph. You can purchase your Honda Grazia for over Rs. 63,100/- around the country. Now, what makes Honda Grazia suitable for short riders is its height. With an absolute vehicle and seat height of 3.74 and 2.51 feet, Grazia is perfect for the daily commute.

The engine capacity of Honda Grazia is 124.99 cc and the engine is capable of churning out a maximum power of 8.52 bhp. You can get access to an overall mileage of 54 kmpl with this scooty.

Height: 3.75, Seat Height:2.51

  1. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa DLX 125cc

The vehicle has dimensions listed as 1814 x 704 x 1151 mm respectively. The kerb weight of Honda Activa 125 rests at a little over 108 kgs. Talking about the fuel tank capacity, the same rests at 5.3 litres. Honda Activa 125 is available for a grab for just Rs. 60,000/-.

Short riders can leverage the height of this vehicle which is only 3.77 Feet. The seats are comfortable and are placed 2.5 Feet above the ground.

Height: 3.77, Seat Height:2.5

  1. Honda Activa 5G:

The vehicle is best suited for youngsters as the company has offered an array of lucrative colours with Honda Activa 5G. Also, the height of the vehicle is just right for your daily commute to mean. Honda Activa 5G comes with an under-seat storage of 18L and seat height 2.5 feet.

The mileage offered by the vehicle is state of the art and rests at 60 kmpl. The engine is a 109.19 cc type and churns out over 8.11 PS of power. The overall height of the vehicle is a little over 3.7 Feet.

Height: 3.79, Seat Height:2.5

  1. Suzuki Access 125:

Suzuki Access 125

Available in gaudy and attractive colours such as glass sparkle black, Sonoma red, metallic sonic silver and more, Suzuki Access 125 offers a superior design and lesser overall vehicle height.

At just 3.8 feet above the ground, you can easily operate Access 125 for your daily needs. Not just this, the specs such as 124cc engine, CDI ignition, solo cylinder, 8.4 bhp of power and much more are also offered with the vehicle.

Height: 3.8, Seat Height:2.55

  1. TVS Ntorq 125

TVS Entorq 125

TVS is revolutionizing the two-wheeler segment in the country with the offerings like TVS Ntorq meant for youngsters. Also, people with short height can easily make use of Ntorq to travel as the vehicle height rests at a little over 3.8 Feet.

The engine is powerful and the displacement value is 124.79 cc. It’s capable of churning out 9.1 bhp of power which has been further cloaked at 7,500 rotations.

  1. Hero Maestro Edge

Hero Maestro Edge

The last entry in our list is the ravishing Hero Maestro Edge, the vehicle has an overall height of over 3.9 feet and the seat rets 2.54 feet above the ground. Being available in the market for over Rs. 53,400/-, riders with short height are no longer required to worry about the daily commute. The 8.31 bhp engine is capable of churning out a maximum torque of 8.3 Nm. The single cylinder engine, automatic gearbox, attractive design, full CDI ignition and of course, the less weight makes Hero Maestro Edge a considerable pick for many.

Height: 3.9, Seat Height:2.54

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The above-mentioned scooty / scooters have the best seat upholstery in combination with the vehicle height. It would be wise to mention that people with short height can now easily travel from one place to another without worrying about the safety. There is no compromise on specs and design, the weight and height are generous for all.

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