Top 5 Best 100cc Bikes with Price in India 2018

Hero Splendor Pro Classic

There is a different segment in Indian bike market which is driven by the engine capacity of the bike. The bike with the highest capacity engine in Indian market is Harley-Davidson CVO Limited with 1858 cc engine and the lowest engine capacity is about 97 cc. As a matter of fact, the mileage of the bike depends on the engine capacity and the higher the engine capacity, the lower the mileage. Moreover, India is a country which is obsessed with bikes with higher mileage and hence the bikes with an engine capacity of 100 ccare quite popular in India. In this article, we have compiled a list of best bikes with an engine capacity of 100 cc. This segment is mainly dominated by Bajaj and Hero bikes as these are the two auto companies which manufacture the maximum number of models which falls under this category.

Read along as we look through the ‘5 Best 100cc Bikes in India with Price 2017’.

5. Bajaj CT100

Bajaj CT100

On number 5th, we have Bajaj CT 100. The bike delivers amazing mileage and at the same time, the bike is quite affordable. The bike has a top speed of 90 Kmph and Bajaj has a reputation of having low maintenance cost and high resale value which makes the bike even more desirable. The bike comes in 4 colors and the air cooled engine of the bike is coupled with a 4-speed manual transmission.

  • Displacement: 99.27 cc
  • Average: 89 Kmpl
  • Power: 8.10 bhp
  • Brakes: Drum
  • Price: Rs: 33955

4. Hero Splendor iSmart

Hero Splendor iSmart 110

Next on our list is a bike from Hero. This model of the bike is one of its kind as it features a technology developed by Hero and this technology has not been introduced in any other bike apart from this one. The bike has an auto shut technology which forces the engine to shut down when the bike is idle. As soon as the rider accelerates, the engine fires up again In India, we have a lot of traffic congestion and hence the feature comes to be really handy in saving fuel.

  • Displacement: 97cc
  • Average: 92 Kmpl
  • Power: 8.20 bhp
  • Brakes: Drum
  • Price: Rs: 58298

3. Hero Passion PRO i3s

Hero Passion PRO i3s

This is another popular bike from Hero. The top speed of the bike is 87 Kmph and the bike is available in 8 colors. The bike has a digital cluster which displays fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter and service reminder. The bike is available in 4 variants and the top model also has alloy wheels

  • Displacement: 97.2cc
  • Average: 84Kmpl
  • Power: 8.20bhp
  • Brakes: Drum
  • Price: Rs: 57423

2. Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Hero Splendor Pro Classic

Next on our list is the classic version of Hero Splendor. The bike has a classic looking design and it is available in two different colors. The bike has only one standard variant and the bike can reach the top speed of 87 Kmph. The only downside of the bike is the poor mileage.

  • Displacement: 97.20cc
  • Average: 55 Kmpl
  • Power: 8.10 bhp
  • Brakes: Drum
  • Price: Rs: 57766

1. Bajaj Plantina

Bajaj Platina

On the first rank, we have Bajaj Platina. The bike delivers a high mileage and the machine doesn’t feel under powered either. The bike is available in 3 colors and there is only one variant of the bike. Plantina comes with alloy wheels and self-start and the bike delivers a mileage of 90 Kmpl. The top speed of the bike is also 90 Kmph.

  • Displacement: 102 cc
  • Average: 90 Kmpl
  • Power: 8.10 bhp
  • Brakes: Drum
  • Price: Rs: 51871

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We will be back with another one in the nearest future. Stay tuned.

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