Top 5 Best 110cc Bikes With Price in India 2018

TVS Victor
If you are planning to buy a bike anytime soon then you have come to the right place because in this article we will tell you about the best 110cc bikes with price in India 2017. Not many people are aware that CC actually is the short form for cubic centimeters. It refers to the engine size, and it has an important role to play in determining the speed of bike. Those who are looking for a decent bike that falls within budget may opt for the 110cc bikes as they offer good mileage without breaking your bank. Now, let’s take a look at the best 110cc bikes with price in India 2017.

5. Honda CD 110 Dream

Honda CD 110 Dream

Honda is perhaps one of the oldest and most trust bike manufacturing companies and Honda CD 110 Dream was launches as their third commuter motorcycles. It mainly focuses on the average Indian population that needs a good performing bike with neat design within budget. The bike is powered by a 109.19cc, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine. The dimensions are 2,009mm x 737mm x 1,074mm (L x W x H). Both self-start and kick start variants are available for this model.

  • Displacement: 109.19cc
  • Average: 74 kmpl
  • Power: 8.25 bhp
  • Brakes: drum brakes
  • Price: Rs.`49,675

4. TVS Victor

TVS Victor

After being discontinued for a long time, the TVS Victor has re-entered the 110cc segment and it is here to stay. There have been some improvements in design to give it a modern look. Extra features such as 55W headlamp, semi-digital console, hazard light switch, and power mode indicators have been added to make it more powerful. The engine features a 3-valave technology, and overall it offers a good buy for the modern Indian commuter.

  • Displacement: 109.7cc
  • Average: 76kmpl
  • Brakes: disc brakes
  • Price: Rs. 56,977

3. Yamaha Saluto RX

Yamaha Saluto RX

The next one in our list of best 110cc bikes with price in India 2017 is Yamaha Saluto RX, and it comes with some really cool features. The bike is powered by a four stroke, air cooled, SOHC, 2-valve engine that delivers an average speed of 95 Kmph. The motorcycle comes in both kick start and self strat variants. Some of the other features include drum brakes, alloy wheels, 4 speed gear box, tubeless tires, low fuel indicator, to name a few.

  • Displacement: 110cc
  • Average: 82kmpl
  • Power: 7.3 bhp
  • Brakes: disc brakes
  • Price: Rs. 52,774

2. Hero Passion Xpro

Hero Passion Xpro

Hero Passion Xpro is a stylish 110cc bike designed to attract the younger crowd. The powerful engine coupled with fuel economy makes it a good choice for the daily Indian commuter. The comfortable design of the bikes offers a fatigue free ride. They are available in kick start and self-start variants. Some of the additional features of the Passion Xpro are front disc brake, electric start, alloy wheels, 5 different trims, and so on.

  • Displacement: 109.1cc
  • Average: 85.6kmpl
  • Power: 8.6bhp
  • Brakes: disc brakes
  • Price: Rs. 54,207

1. TVS Star City Plus

TVS Star City Plus

TVS is the third largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the country, and the Star City Plus ranks first in our list of best 110cc bikes with price in India 2017. This is a highly fuel efficient motorcycle that boasts decent aesthetics. The advanced and powerful engine delivers an amazing performance. It delivers a power of 8.2 hp which makes it drive like a dream on Indian road. Other features include sporty speedometer, Honeycomb textured grilles, stylish tail-lamp, alloy wheels and drum brakes.

  • Displacement: 109.7 cc
  • Average: 86 Kmpl
  • Brakes: drum brakes
  • Price: Rs. 49,748

Now, that you know the best 110cc bikes with price in India 2017, go ahead and make an informed purchase. Watch this space for more information on bikes.

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