Best 150cc Segment Scooty (Scooters) in India 2018

 Vespa VXL 150 Anniversary Edition

We’ve long been touting you on the best piece of automobiles, preferably two-wheelers via our blog. As we last dealt with the entry level 110cc and the mid-range 125cc ones, we thought, why don’t go for an extra mile.

So off we went in the search for the best piece of scooty in the high cordon range of 150cc. We came up with quite a few top notch pieces on offer in the Indian market at present and have rounded them up for you down below in the blog.

We routinely wanted to showcase only the best ones and thus have left a few unpopular options off the list. We looked deep into the specs and profiled them accordingly in a ranking order.

Want to get started on the ‘Top 150cc Scooty/Scooters in India’? Read along then.

4. Aprilia SR150

Aprilia SR150

  • One of the best pieces of scooty in the 150cc mark, this one is dearly rated by many.
  • It has a8cc engine which peaks a power of 9.92 Bhp and a max torque of 10.9 Nm.
  • The engine is air cooled and has CDI Ignition.
  • It bears CVT Transmission along with Dry Centrifugal clutch plate.
  • The kerb weight for the scooty is 122 kgs while the fuel tank capacity for this one is 6.5 ltr.

Price- Rs 68,803

3. Vespa VXL150

Vespa VXL150

  • Vespa is rightly dominating the Indian scooty industry with its finest offerings. This one modeled as VXL 150 is one such fine piece from the renowned scooty manufacturers.
  • It has a 150cc petrol engine with automatic gearbox.
  • The scooty offers CVT transmission and has anautomatic
  • It has a peak power of 11.40 Bhp and a max torque of 11.50 Nm.
  • It runs on a carburetor fuel system and has a fuel tank of 8.5 ltr.

Price- Rs 90,387

2. Vespa SXL 150

Vespa SXL 150

  • Up steps Vespa with one of its finest offering in the segment modeled as SXL 150. This one is pretty much the 150cc avatar of its lesser clan available in 125cc versions.
  • The scooty has a 150cc petrol engine bearing a peak power of 11.4 Bhp and a torque output of 11.5 Nm.
  • The scooty offers automatic gearbox settings while the transmission sports CVT type.
  • It has a kerb weight of 114 kg.

Price- Rs 94,276

1. Vespa VXL 150 Anniversary Edition

 Vespa VXL 150 Anniversary Edition

  • A specialized version of the Vespa VXL 150, this was launched as part of the anniversary celebration and is rightly modeled as VXL 150 Anniversary Edition.
  • It’s pretty similar to the VXL 150 model in terms of specs and only bears slight graphical and performance difference.
  • It is available in limited quantity across the nation.
  • It has a150cc engine with a peak power of 11.40 Bhp and a max torque level of 11.50 Nm.
  • The scooty bears automatic gearbox and CVT transmission.
  • It has 8.5 ltr of thefuel

Price- Rs 1,00,579

A pretty nifty collection pf the best scooty’s, weren’t they? Share your views down below in the comment box and let us know about it.

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