Top 10 Best Scooty between 35000 to 45000 Rs in India 2018

Honda Navi

In the recent year, Scooty and the new range of scooters have emerged as the best two wheeler options to ride from one place to another with ease and marking the ride efficient. Bike range of two wheeler option that enjoys the no.1 spot just two years back now falls behind as scooter ride is meant for all age groups marking it good for men, women and older age people all. Seeing the rise in popularity of two wheeler options in India many of the manufacturers in the segment around the world are ready with series of options available in different price ranges.

In the particular segment, we will try to discuss the available list of options available as Scooty or Scooter with price range INR 35,000 to INR 45,000. The segment carries a scooter with petrol variant and the electric variant of scooters, in order to let you buy the best, we will discuss the top buy bikes and scooter in the prescribed price range. The options available are based on the review of customers on different automobile portals and the sale of these bikes and scooter in the recent quarter of the year.

Here is the list of top 10 available Scooty options ranging in between INR 35,000 to INR 45,000.

10. Yo Xplor 

Yo Xplor

Yo Bike is one of the vintage Indian company that mainly deals with the Scooter and Scooter options with the electric base engine working system. Yo Xplor is marked as one of the best and most popular Yo Bike variant available in one body option with four different color choices marked with Blue, Red, Black and White. The company has recently launched Yo bikes with six different EVs and Yo Xplor is one of the popular option available in the series.

Price INR 38,978

9. Yo Electron ER 

Yo Electron ER

Another Yo Bikes model in the list shows there popularity in India, the Gujarat based company enjoys a great name in electric bike range. Yo Electron weights 81KG that makes it an ideal choice for ladies and children, you will not be able to differentiate Yo Electron ER from the petrol powered counterparts as the powerful engine of the scooter offers great performance. The color choices available for Yo Electron ER are Black, blue, Red and White.

Price INR 36,937

8. Hero Electric Wave DX 

Hero Electric Wave Dx

Hero Electric Wave DX is part of the Hero Bikes and Two Wheeler options Electric plant variant unit, the Hero Electric Wave DX is available in one variant, the top speed offered by the giant performer is 25kmph. The Hero Electric Wave DX is available in three different color options available in Black, Burgundy, and Silver. The body features of the electric bike include aerodynamic and sleek body design.

Price INR 39,600

7. Hero Electric Cruz 

Hero Electric Cruz

As the name suggest the scooter is marked with superior design and performance, the Cruz model is powerful with 0.33bhp churns up engine power and the weight of the scooter is 75kgs that makes it a better choice for women and teenagers. The color option available as part of the Hero Electric Cruz includes Black, Burgundy, and White, the top speed measured by the scooter is 25kmph.

Price INR 37,290

6. Hero Electric E-Sprint 

Hero Electric E-Sprint

One of the most powerful electric based scooter performer in India, the Hero Electric E-Sprint is powered with 1bhp performance and the weight of the scooter is 106kgs. The variant is available in option offering whopping top speed of 45kmph, the color option available for Hero Electric E-Sprint are Silver, Black, and Red.

Price INR 43,240

5. Hero Electric NYX 

Hero Electric NYX

The most vintage model available as part of Hero Electric unit, Hero Electric NYX is the great choice for the daily vendors need to carry lots of stuff with them, the two-color option available as part of Hero Electric NYX includes option White and Grey. The Top speed offered by the NYX model is 25kmph with two seat combination.

Price INR 35,690

4. Hero Electric Maxi 

Hero Electric Maxi

Hero Electric Maxi is another great model available under Electric Hero series of options available as riding option. Maxi has the top speed of 25kmph and the color option available for the Maxi model is available with Blue, Red and Black options. The max performer was unveiled at the 2014 Auto Expo and is available in one variant.

Price INR 34,380

3. Hero Electric Optima Plus

Hero Electric Optima Plus

Available as one variant option, the 75kg Hero Electric Optima Plus model is marked with weight 78 kgs and with the standard version of the performance. The Top speed offered by the stylish looking two-wheeler option is 25kmph with three different color option available as Burgundy, Black, and White with same price tag.

Price INR 35,690

2. TVS Scooty Pep Plus 

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

One of the most popular and efficient scooter option available as TVS Scooty Pep Plus is favorite of every woman around the country. Since its launch in the year 2003, Scooty Pep Plus still gains the second spot in the list of top 10 scooter options available in India. The Top Speed offered by the Scooter is 70kmph and the mileage offered is 68kmpl.

price INR 42,678

1. Honda Navi 

Honda Navi

The Bike cum Scooter most advanced and technology-based option available in the list has emerged as the top choice for the youth of India. Honda Navi carries the whopping top speed of 81kmph and the color option available in 5 different options as Red, White, Black, Orange and Green.

price INR 43,433

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