Top 6 Best Scooty Below 40,000 Rs. in India 2018

Palatino Princess
Although four wheelers take the top plaudit when it comes to desirability for automobile, two wheelers at current have their own balance. With most of the Indian population stationed at the mid-income level, two-wheelers are what are preferred.

Two-wheelers aren’t just limited to motorcycles as scooty’s have been making agreat stride in the segment these days. In fact, the sale of scooty’s are almost leaving the motorcycles behind if we were to look at the percentages. We here thought of profiling the best scooty’s around in the budget segment and thus stopped by with this one. And as an added impetus, we sought out the electric options mostly.

So come join us for the hunt of ‘Best scooty’s below 40,000 Rs. in India 2017’ and enjoy the ride.

6. Hero Electric Optima

Hero Electric Optima Plus

The first one to kick start our list is the one from Hero. This one features a sleek body design and comes with fine performance. It features 250W motor that offers the power to run it. It has 48V low maintenance battery and takes over 4 to 8 hrs. to charge it fully.

The scooty has run over 70 km on a single charge and can reach a top speed of 25 km/hr. It has durable drum brakes on both the tires and offers enough comfort over the ride. It has a bright headlight on the front and has triangular blinkers on the front. The scooty has a curb weight of 82 kg.

Price- Rs 34,960

5. Lohia Oma Star Li

Lohia Oma Star Li

Next up is the one from Lohia with India’s first lithium-ion battery base. The scooty features 20Ah battery and takes over 3 hrs. to charge itself fully. A fully charged battery will offer a ride of 60 km. The scooty comes with drum brakes on both wheels.

It features an ergonomic design and has edgy headlamps on the front. It has angular tail lamp design on the back. The seat of the scooty is comfortable and offers quite a ride for both the riders and pillion seater.

Price- Rs 37,973

4. Indus Yo Electron ER

Indus Yo Electron ER

An elegant scooty among the available lot, this one is a pretty good choice to have. It has 250-watt BLDC motor with 24Ah VRLA discharge battery. The battery takes around 6-8 hrs. to get it fully charged and offers a ride of 70 km. The top speed of the same is stipulated at 25km/hr.

The scooty has an analog speedometer, digital odometer and more. It sports 16-inch x 3-inch wide tires fitted with alloy wheels. It offers a comfortable ride adhering to its fine fit of the seat.

Price- Rs 37,653

3. Palatino Sunshine

Palatino Sunshine

Another fine option around for scooty enthusiast, this one has fine specs to look at. It comes with 48V VRLA battery with a motor power of 250 watts. The battery takes over 6-8 hrs. to fully charge and offers plenty of rides. Its top speed is stipulates at 25km/hr.

The scooty has tubeless tires and comes with allow wheels. The braking for the same is drum on both the sides. A peculiar thing about the scooty is its self-start feature.

Price- Rs 38,248

2. Palatino Princess

Palatino Princess

A high-end variant than the earlier one listed by us, this one makes the cut at second on our list. The scooty has 48V VRLA battery and sport a motor with a power of 250 watts. The battery takes almost 6-8 hrs. for one full charge just the way it was with Palatino Sunshine.

It has air cooling system and offers self-start. The top speed of the same is 25km/hr. The scooty has over tubeless tires with alloy wheels on both sides. The scooty further comes with drum brakes and has single seating capacity.

Price- Rs 38,252

1. Hero Electric Wave

Hero Electric Wave Dx

The top of the list belongs to Hero with its Electric Wave model. The scooty comes with a 33Ah battery and has a250-watt motor with it. It takes over 6-8 hrs. to charge it fully just the way others do. But a thing that differentiates this one against the others is its offering of 100 km on a single charge.

It comes with analog speedometer, odometer and mobile charger, something not seen elsewhere. The scooty further has tubeless tires with drum brakes on both the wheels. The wheels of the same are of the alloy. It has a seating capacity of a single person.

Price- Rs 39,390

Electric scooty’s are pretty much on a rise these days and these efficient options add impetus to the current group of people seeking a piece for themselves. The scooty’s mentioned above are pretty much the cream of the crop in the budget range of Rs 40,000 and we definitely stand by the list prepared by us.

We hope you had a good time going through the list. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this one. Do share it down below via the comment box and let us know about it. Till then, Adios.

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