Hero Electric E-Sprint Price, Specifications, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Hero Electric emerges as India’s leading company that manufactures electric based two wheeler riding option that helps to curb one of the leading modern days problem called as the bad air quality. E-Sprint model is the most powerful electric scooter launched by Hero in India. The scooter best served for the speed freaks work well in combination with larger battery and emulsion power unit that offers great speed option and increases its top speed from 25kmph as the common speed of electric scooter to 45kmph.

Hero Electric E-Sprint is one of the most expensive electric scooter options also as the great accessories added enhances its beauty and modern gadgets will surely give you new riding goals. The top rated upfront facilities available apart great speed and Hero’s name are cell phone charging option, sensor braking system that helps  to control the bike in case of emergency stop and minimizes the risk of disbalance. Telescopic shock absorbers and hydraulic front disc brake are the other top rated feature that ensures speed as well as safety while riding the scooter. The scooter operates under two category of riding options, the first that let you drive it more efficiently under controlled speed is called as the economy mode and the other powerful mode that offers more speed than efficiency is called as the power mode. There is no other so powerful scooter option available in the market to compete with Hero Electric E-Sprint and the available set of color choice available to choose from includes four exotic colors and the sleek design that add more young rider opting the scooter as riding companion.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

Hero Electric E-Sprint

The most powerful scooter option available in the range of electric scooter Hero Electric E-Sprint carries a modern set of specification that marks the electric scooters range with not only an efficient riding option and serve it with massive new accessories as charging point available and more storage space available under the seat. The other prominent safety measure that labels It as a maestro in terms of performance are telescopic suspension hydraulic front disc brakes option that offers more power to the rider.

The basic speed range for the scooter works with electric power is 25kmph but the E-Sprint model amplifies the speed dynamics to double as the scooter offers 45kmph top speed when driving at the power mode option. The 800W electric motor installed is able to churn up the power of 1bhp and the weight of the scooter is also heavy to balance it well at the high speed. The scooter offer different mileage under the different range of modes as in power mode the full charged battery can run for 65km and in the economy mode, the limit is stretched to 80km. The scooter is available in four different color option with sleek and compact body finish.


Best Rated Features
Maximum Power 1bhp
Maximum Torque
Top Speed 45kmph
Mileage 80
Speedometer Digital
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Color and Variants

The E-Sprint model of Hero Electric is available in one variant option with two modes power and economy, the color options available for the model are Silver, Black, Grey and Red.


  • Most powerful Scooter in Electric range.
  • Best in class mileage.
  • Phone Charging option available.


  • E-Sprint model is expensive.
  • Riders cannot ride it in rainy season.
  • Shaky at high speed.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Bangalore INR 55,102
Mumbai INR 52,849
Pune INR 46,643
New Delhi INR 59,754
Chennai INR 52,681
Kolkata INR 53,035
Ahmedabad INR 50,461
Chandigarh INR 52,213


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