Hero Electric Photon Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Hero Electric in the range of electric based scooter option stands as the leading manufacturer of the electric scooters option in India. The electrically oriented vehicles have the great standing in India’s market as the efficiency in mileage is superior and the charging option available is easy. Electric scooter works on the electrically generated power as the engine of this scooter are designed to consume electricity and work in accordance of the power available. Hero with an initiative to make India pollution free has started to manufacture the modern based electric scooter with its plants to manufacture these scooters in India as well. These plants are available in different parts of India as Ludhiana, Uttar Pradesh, and Punjab. In the options available as the electric scooters in India, Hero Electric Photon is the recent entry in the league of option available as the Electric scooter and emerged as the best available choice amongst all.

The Scooter is offered in the one variable model but works in two power based performance as the moderate speed of the scooter is termed as the economy as well as the speed towards the top speed of the scooter is Power. Both the modes work on the electric charge and if you drive the scooter as Economy option it will surely offer longer performance and durability, on the other hand, speed option with Power will surely offer you great speed but will decrease the efficiency of the scooter. Hero boasts that their Photon model can cover the distance of 50km as one full charge and the top speed of the electrifying scooter is 45kmph.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

Hero Electric Photon

The engine of the scooter is based on the charging system and the powerful performance based on the charge can churn up the power of 2bhp that is a huge mark for an electric charged based scooter. The scooter works on the two power mode as the available working system works on the power mode and the economy mode. The basic need of the power mode is to provide greater speed and the economy mode works towards offering greater mileage.

The speedometer warns you once you exceed the speed limit for the economy as the mileage offered as one full charge by the scooter is 50km for the power mode and the efficiency increases to 30km as the economy mode drives par distance of 80km at one full charge.

The Photon model is generally powerful with great speed of 45kmph as the top speed, this quality leads the rider to must equip with a valid license and complete registration of the vehicle. Some of the specification of the scooter includes a poly carbonated headlamp for the clearer night vision, for a more safe ride it offers front telescopic suspension and a front disc brake option available. For the safety measure, it comes with an anti-theft alarm.


Best Rated Features
Maximum Power 2bhp
Maximum Torque
Top Speed 45kmph
Mileage 50kmpl
Speedometer Digital
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Color and Variants

The model is available in one variant option and the color combination of the Photon scooter are Black, Burgundy and White.


  • Powerful performer with great mileage.
  • Best in class looks and body weight.
  • 2bhp power high in electric scooter.


  • Rider needs valid license to ride it.
  • Riders cannot ride it in rainy season.
  • Price is rated high for electric scooters.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Bangalore INR 63,069
Mumbai INR 60,660
Pune INR 60,660
New Delhi INR 63,706
Chennai INR 61,321
Kolkata INR 58,999
Hyderabad INR 59,297
Chandigarh INR 58,093


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