Hero Electric Scooters in India

Hero Electric Scooters in India


The trend in Electric Scooters is catching up fast in India, as more and more riders are embracing greener and eco-friendlier ways of living. Moreover, Indian consumers are getting smarter and adopting economical ways to save big on fuel and energy costs. Most electric scooters today offer win-win combinations of user-benefits coupled with savings too.  

Hero Electric scooters are emerging as leaders in the electric scooter space in India today, given their wide range of features and specs. The brand’s sales comprise of more than 50 per cent of the approximate e scooter market in the country. In this article, we explore the e scooter offerings by Hero Electric, their various features and specifications. Note that license and registration is necessary for all the e scooters listed below.

1. Hero Electric Flash

Hero Electric Flash


Targeted specially for new riders, the Hero Electric Flash offers great value for riders new to the world of electric scooters. This entry level scooter comes with efficient 48 Volt Lithium Ion batteries (28 AH) which are known to be 1.5 times lighter and 5 times more powerful than traditional batteries. The Hero Electric Flash offers various features for user convenience and usability. This includes a digital speedometer, extra-comfortable seating options and powerful LED Headlamps for good visibility. The Hero Electric Flash comes in two attractive colors-red and silver.

The Hero Electric Flash e scooter includes various safety features such as telescopic suspension for better ride comfort and road grip, mag alloy wheels for quicker acceleration and smoother rides, and also a crash guard for extra protection. The e scooter uses an efficient BLDC hub motor, and has a kerb weight of 66 kilo gram. The electric scooter takes just 4 to 5 hours to charge completely and offers an average range of 60 kilo meter per full charge. It also boasts of a claimed top speed of 40 kilometer per hour. In all, the Hero Electric Flash e scooter is a great option if you want a regular scooter to efficiently run your daily errands and responsibilities.

Price: Rs. 45,990.00

2. Hero Electric Nyx

Hero Electric Nyx


The Hero Electric Nyx has a practical design, offering a highly balanced and sturdy ride. This electric scooter comes with efficient lithium ion batteries, which are known to be lighter, more efficient, and definitely more eco-friendlier than regular batteries. These are 1.5 times lighter and 5 times more powerful than traditional batteries, and take just about 4 hours to charge. The Hero Electric Nyx delivers about 60 kilometers on an average per charge, and an average speed of 40 kilo meter per hour. This practical and efficient scooter comes in two classy color variants- black and stylish silver.

The Hero Electric Nyx’s practical design is built for a sturdy and balanced ride. The scooter comes with a handy foldable seat feature, and an integrated bottle holder for maximum user convenience. Its easy pep switch and extended foot board is a value addition for enhancing user comfort as well. The Nyx e scooter has additional features for user safety like telescopic suspension and secure grab rails. The e scooter has a kerb weight of 77 kilo grams and houses a 600 Watt BLDC Hub motor. The star feature of the Hero Electric Nyx is that it comes with a portable battery that can be carried around anywhere for charging purposes. Also, the Nyx e scooter offers a grade-ability of 7 degrees- thus suggesting a fair ability to climb steep slopes.

Price: Rs. 59,490.00

3. Hero Electric Optima

Hero Electric Optima


The Hero Elecrtic Optima has a stylish, curvy and super comfortable design. It features an aerodynamic design for maximum efficiency, and is available in three attractive color schemes- Cyan, Matte Red and Matte Grey. Safety and comfort take up top priority in the Optima’s design with its large and comfortable seats, telescopic suspension for increased road grip and large, stylish wheels for optimal riding. The wheel size measures about 16X3 inches, and the Hero Optima e scooter has a grade-ability of 7 degrees.

The Hero Electric Optima comes with top notch Lithium Ion batteries for maximum efficiency and eco-friendliness. These lightweight, long lasting batteries take about 4 hours to charge fully and deliver about 60 kilo meter per charge (claimed). The Optima scooter also has a top speed of 40 kilometer per hour and a kerb weight of 72.5 kilo grams. The e scooter houses a 550W/1200W Brushless DC Hub Motor for an efficient and optimal performance.

Price: Rs. 59,490.00

4. Hero Electric Photon

Hero Electric Photon


Launched in 2014, the Hero Electric Photon has an aerodynamic style and stylish features for maximum user comfort and ride-ability. The e scooter features a dual mode driving feature. This means you can drive your scoter both in the Economy mode as well as the Power mode, thus helping you save further on energy costs. The dual riding mode helps make the Hero Electric Photon one of the smartest e scooters to be launched lately. Also, the e scooter charges very quickly i.e. in about 4 hours’ time, and delivers an impressive 110 kilo meters per charge. It offers about 45 kilometers per hour (claimed). The average range on the Power Mode is 85 kilo meters while on the Economy mode is 110 kilo meters.

The grade-ability of the Hero Electric Photon is 7 degrees- i.e. it has a fair ability to climb steep slopes if necessary. It houses two 48V/28Ah lithium Ion batteries which are lighter, and far more efficient than ordinary and traditional batteries. The Photon e scooter has an incorporated disc braking system and telescopic suspension system for easy road grip and ride comfort. A nice feature provided as a part of the Hero Electric Photon is the presence of the Remote lock. This locking feature also comes with a handy anti-theft alarm system. The scooter has a wide, comfortable seat, and a kerb weight of 95 kilo gram. The Photon e scooter comes in two color variants- Red and Silver to suit your personality and color preferences.

Price: Rs. 86,990.00

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