LML Star Euro 200 Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

LML stands boldly amongst the few two wheeler companies with its base in India, the Lohia Industries famed company has its reach from options available as scooters manufacturing to specially set up for the production of commercial industrial based goods. The Company leads the sector of Scooters a few years back after the bike market took over India’s two-wheeler sector the company called off its production unit and utilize the capital in other profitable company. The sudden rise in the scooter’s love in India as the range of scooter with gearless control is the new boss leading as unisex scooters, the company wants to grab its old positioning with series of scooter option launched in the section with vintage looks and modern power added.

It will surely be a bold and unique step by LML as it introduced India’s first 200cc scooter and named the powerful performer LML Star Euro 200, the scooter was the first 200cc scooter launched back in 2014, for a better performance the scooter is equipped with electric start option to add more modern feature in its account. The powerful performer apart offering great top speed of 90kmph, for a better riding experience and safety measures drum brakes at both end and the front telescopic suspension is attached to the scooter.

Offering vintage looks and unique spherical rear view mirror will surely grab your attention, the scooter is available to buy from selected automobile dealership across the nation. LML Star Euro is available as five majestic color combination and the stunning performer scooter with the 200cc engine has no competition at present in the section of scooters.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

LML Star Euro 200

The best quality and the most rumored talk about the scooter is its 200cc powerful engine that works on the notion of four strokes technology and forced Air cool technology with overhead cam and two valves. Star Euro leads the league scooter in terms of scooter available in India as the scooter offers stunning top speed and being a powerful performer, Star Euro doesn’t compromise with efficiency as the scooter offers winding speed of 90kmph and the efficiency of Star performer is 70kmph better than any of 110cc scooters available in India’s market.

The Gear BOX is linked offers 4-speed choices with drum based brakes that ensure smooth stop at the time of sudden brake applied, the telescopic front displacement ensures better options available to balance the scooter at high speed. LML scooter in past was available with only kick start but at present, the LML Star Euro 200 is available with quality of both kick and self-start based technology. The 200cc engine of the scooter helps to churn up the power of 9.1Nm and the highest torque of the scooter in measured as 19.9Nm. The scooter is available with five different color options available with no competition in the powerful range of 200cc.Specifications

Best Rated Features
Displacement 199.5cc
Maximum Power 9.1bhp
Maximum Torque 19.9Nm
Top Speed 90kmph
Mileage 70kmpl
Speedometer Analogue
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Col0r and Variants

The scooter LML Star Euro 200 is available as one variant option available in India with five stunning color combinations, the available color choices in the scooter are Pearl Black, Ash Grey, Silver Grey, Pearl White and Majestic Red.


  • Stunning Vintage looks with modern technology.
  • India’s first scooter in 200cc range.
  • Best in class mileage.


  • Old fitted seats and headlights.
  • Shaky at high speed.
  • Dealership is not available in larger quantity.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Delhi INR 39,128
Mumbai INR 45,183


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