Lohia Scooters in India

The Electric Scooter industry is all set for a boom with an increasing number of people adopting greener life style changes. Powered solely by batteries, these scooters emit zero/low emissions, are completely eco-friendly and offer greater savings. Electric auto manufacturers have been trying to bring more convenience, lesser charging times and boost performances to stay ahead of the game.

These days, electric scooters are being competitively priced (even lower than petrol powered scooters), thus making them an ideal choice among daily commuters.

In this article, we review offerings by Lohia Auto in their line of electric scooters. Lohia at present, is one of India’s top electrical auto manufacturers. They currently have two model offerings – The Lohia Omastar e scooter and the Lohia Omastar Li e scooter, both hugely popular among the Indian consumer base.

1.   Lohia Omastar

Lohia Omastar e Scooter


The Lohia Omastar was launched in the month of July, 2016 by Lohia Auto as an entrant in their line of e scooters. This electric scooter sports a sleek and dynamic look, and is known to deliver equally in terms of efficiency and performance, in addition to aiding great savings. Being low-maintenance as well as a zero-emission scooter, the Lohia Omastar e scooter is completely eco-friendly and noise free.

This e scooter sports powerful headlamps that deliver great visibility and aid in efficient and safe riding. Lohia Omastar e scooter is also equipped with telescopic suspension to deliver a smooth and safe riding experience to its riders. The telescopic suspension helps traverse tough terrains with ease, and help in an overall smooth ride throughout. Also, the e scooter’s 16 x 3 inches alloy wheels offer smoother steering as well as a better grip on the road. Lighter and more efficient than wheels made of steel, these alloy wheels help in a good distribution of weight, faster acceleration and a quicker stopping power.

The Lohia Omastar e scoter, though sleek and minimalistic, offers its riders a very comfortable riding experience. Its seats are greatly ergonomic, and offer enough cushioning and padding for optimal comfort. The seats are compact, but spacious and are designed for customized comfort and seating. Also, they offer a range of adjustments to suit different rider types, shapes and sizes. The Lohia Omastar e scooter comes with the efficient brushless motor technology that delivers high performance and reliability. Apart from these, other important features that add value to the battery-run Lohia Omastar e scooter include its digital speedometer, spacious storage cabin, as well as an increased ground clearance.

This e scooter is available in four dazzling colors to suit your personality and style- Red, Grey, Black and White. It houses a 250 watt motor, with a 20AH battery. Offering a maximum range of about 60 kilo meters, the Lohia Omastar e scooter can easily reach a top speed of 25 kilo meter per hour. The lead acid battery is maintenance-free, and takes about 6 to 8 hours to charge completely. This electric scooter delivers great efficiency and scores high on savings. It costs about 10 paisa per kilo meter on the Lohia Omastar e scooter, and requires no license or registration to be driven on Indian roads. Overall, this no noise, zero-pollution e scooter is great for the environment, and offers a clean and powerful driving experience.

Price: Rs. 40,850

2.   Lohia Omastar Li

Lohia Omastar Li e Scooter


After the success of the Lohia Omastar electric scooter, the company introduced an upgraded version – the Lohia Omastar Li e scooter. The e scooter is being hailed as the first one in the market to be equipped with lithium-ion batteries, suggesting a greater lifespan and increased charging cycles. The Oma Star Li e scooter is available in a range of colors from Fiery Red to Spirited Gray, and from White to Macho Black.

In comparison with the Lohia Omastar e scooter, this upgraded version looks snazzier and sports a more stylish look. Designed for daily commutes, this e scooter is for anyone looking for free, hassle-free rides in a 50 kilometer range. The curvy frame of the Lohia Omastar Li e scooter focuses on delivering a classy visual appeal as well as edgy on road presence.

The Lohia Omastar Li e scooter incorporates revolutionary Lithium-ion battery that offers high-energy density and great power in its small and sleek package. It acts as a complete powerhouse for the scooter using 100 per cent of battery capacity, and aids in a dramatically long cycle life. Also with Lithium Ion batteries, the charging time is reduced effectively (at least by half). Apart from faster and more efficient charging, these batteries help add more responsiveness and throughput to the overall rider experience. The usage of the Lithium Ion batteries in the Lohia Omastar Li e scooter delivers lightness and agility, bringing more power and comfort while riding. This battery gets charged completely in about three hours.

The e scooter also brings to the rider, an amazing blend of features to aid comfort and convenience. It runs at an approximate cost of about 10 paisa per kilometer- a figure which puts petrol vehicles to shame. This eco-friendly e scooter has thin and stylish alloy tires, offering a better road grip and quicker acceleration. The Lohia Omastar Li e scooter sports seats that are greatly comfortable, ergonomic, and spacious, yet compact. It also features a spacious footboard and a hook above the glove box for securing shopping bags. The e scooter also has a considerably spacious under seat storage space as well.

The clean blue backlit digital console displays distance, speed, battery life, acceleration, etc. The Lohia Omastar Li e scooter serves riders with a top speed of 35-40 kilo meter per hour, a maximum range of 60 kilo meters (on full charge), and sports front and rear drum brakes (80 mm front, 110mm rear). The e scooter also includes front hydraulic telescopic suspensions and rear coil-type shock absorbers for comfort and ride stability. Overall, the Lohia Omastar Li e scooter is a good choice for you if you want a practical, hassle-free and economic mode for daily short range commutes.

Price:  Rs. 49,690

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