Mahindra Gusto 110cc Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Mahindra stands as the most reliable name in the middle and heavyweight duty transportation options, Mahindra is the leading company in the segment of trucks and tractors. The Indian name and manufacturing plants in India has named Mahindra’s company as one of the grossing India’s companies with its commercial vehicles being exported to other companies.Gusto is one of the leading names in the Scooter’s range and the scooter marks entry of the Mahindra in the scooter sector. The leading global two-wheeler offered by Gusto was developed and designed with the R&D center in Pune. Although Gusto is not that much popular with its common look, for a better range of performance based services the customers should follow the model as the Gusto is equipped with series of new age technology-based features.The European helped the Indian company to design the majestic scooter as Gusto is named as India’s first scooter that offers adjustable seats in order to reach the ground even when you are short, the only need to drive a Gusto scooter is to be perfect at balancing. The Gusto model is available in the market with two variants, the Vx and Dx as the differentiation on both the models is generally the looks and some of the other features as LED lamps and suspension differentiation. In a quick comparison both the model looks alike with just INR 2,300 difference in both the models.

Apart India Mahindra has launched its highly technology friendly scooter in the market including part of South Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The weight of Mahindra Gusto is 120Kgs.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

Mahindra Gusto

One of the first Scooter launched by Gusto in the series of 110cc scooters that gives stiff competition to the other 110cc scooter options available in the market. The scooter is designed for the best performance in the range as Indian Engineer worked along with European experts to design the masterpiece.

The engine specification of the scooter is powered with the presence of new 110cc M-Tec engine that is well versed with crankshaft and bearings, the power exerted by the scooter is 8bhp, it also offers high inertia magneto, high energy HT coil to deliver supremacy in the power, the other banging features includes efficiency and reliability. Most of the scooter is equipped with 20-inch tyres but Gusto ensuring more gripping performance has included 12-inch wheel option with front telescopic suspension with air springs and hydraulic rear suspension.

Gusto stands as India’s first scooter that offers adjustable seat option to let the rider adjust the seat as per convenience. The mileage offered by Gusto is 61kmpl best in class and the weight of the scooter is 120Kgs that marks it scooter with unisex tag.


Best Rated Features
Displacement 109cc
Maximum Power 8bhp @ 7,500rpm
Maximum Torque 9Nm @ 5,500rpm
Top Speed 80kmph
Mileage 61kmpl
Speedometer Analogue
Wheel Size 12 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Color and Variants

The Gusto model is available in tow variants option called as the Vx and Lx. The available color choice in the list includes Volcanic Red, Iceberg White, Galactic Black, Magnetic Magenta, Organza Silver, Artic White, Raven Black, Asphalt Black, Silvern Magenta and Ice Cool Red.


  • Engine works smoothly with no noise policy.
  • Adjustable seats new feature for Scooters range.
  • Wide Color choice available.


  • Looks are not modern, common look.
  • No disc brakes and Alloy wheel option available.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Bangalore INR 56,032
Mumbai INR 58,065
Pune INR 55,551
New Delhi INR 50,723
Chennai INR 55,842
Kolkata INR 58,602
Hyderabad INR 56,246
Chandigarh INR 49,704


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