Palatino Princess Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Palatino at the point of its launch in India said that they want India to be named as pollution free nation as maximum riders and transportation system in India to be shifted for Electric based vehicles as the category of transportation works on negligible emulsion technology that helps to combat with the bad quality air at its best. The company started its plant in North America and Europe, the initial success leads the company to bless its technology to other southern Asian countries as India.

Palatino Princess is one of the few electric based scooter options available in India that is exclusively designed for the female rider. As the name suggest beauty and royalty of Princess, the scooter will surely add more positive remarks to your status in society. As most of the electric based scooter are available as the buying option with a common look, Princess is available with a combination of different colors and graphics that will surely let you admire its beauty. The scooter is powered with 250Watt scooter that let it tag as ‘beauty with performance’ , the scooter suits best the young age girls as the scooter beside looks has installed a handful of specifications for top grade modern feature available that will surely help you to ride it smoothly. The light weight scooter marks it as a better choice for balancing on road as female riders generally finds heavyweight scooters difficult to handle. The Princess comes with the feature of self-start only and the available color combination for the scooter includes pink and gray shades, Palatino scooters are available to buy at different leading automobile dealership across India.

Specifications, Accessories, and Features

Palatino Princess

Palatino Princess is the top available choice for the female riders in the electric bikes category, one of the most talked features about the scooter is its elegant looks with graphics that correlate the colorful moods of women. Teenage girls are the leading buyers of the bike, the lightweight scooter with better balancing technology is available as the secure way to ride the scooter.

The best part about the scooter is its 250 Watt motor that works on the charge of 48V battery with the power of 20Ah, the scooter doesn’t need any RTO registration or valid license in order to ride it on the city roads. Princess offers the best in class speed of 25kmph and the battery needs 6 to 8 hours charge in order to help you to cover a distance of 60km at one full charge. The alloy wheels and drum brakes are the added feature that ensures safety measures while riding the Princess, the Headlamp with LED light helps a better night vision. The total weight of the scooter is 214kgs and carries a single seat type. The scooter is available in two color combinations and the available competitions in the market for the Palatino Princess are the available electric scooters of Hero Electric and Yo Bikes.


Best Rated Features
Weight 215Kgs
Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
Top Speed 25kmph
Mileage 60km
Speedometer Digital
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Color and Variants

The available color choices for the Princess model in the market are Pink and Grey that forms as the favorite colors of girls commonly.


  • Stunning looks.
  • Available as few electric bikes for girls.
  • Alloy wheels and drum brakes ensures safety.


  • Shaky at top speed.
  • Riders cannot opt to ride in rainy season.
  • Only good for small distance to cover.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Delhi INR 38,040
Mumbai INR 43,356


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