Top 10 Best Gearless Scooty (Scooters) in India 2018

launched its 3rd Generation

Scooters and Scooty were the sensations a decade ago and as the bike craze dominates the market the scooters with clutch and gears soon become decorative vintage items at home. The taboo tactics used by Bike developers that scooters or gearless scooty were mainly targeted for women and elderly people didn’t allow the game changer to become an overnight star. The range of scooters developed and upgraded many times since their launch, added quality compatible with city bumpy roads and ease to control in huge traffics with powerful engine quality and trendy different looks labeled the Gearless Scoter with the new market star in the two wheeler range continuing its supremacy for straight three years now. The new sports section of Unisex scooters a new riding companion with no barge on gender and age lets you drive scooter the way you want with options of best in class mileage and power hand in hand. The listing in the article as the best available scooter and scooty in the range of gearless scooter will ease down your confusion over the vast choice available. Different price range scooter included in the list as per the recommendation of its users over online portals. Seeing India a new start up and a great market for the Gearless Scooter International iconic companies now turn their ways towards India as the opportunity to grab populations nerve and enjoy great profits. In return, India is enjoying being the manufacturer companion of these scooters with cheap labor and tag of Made in India as part of government’s proposal to the Multinational companies in manufacturing sector to develop their product in India.

The ranking of these scooters is based on their easy availability, mileage, and specification added to attract more and more customers.

10. Hero Motocorp Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure is one of the most vintage scooters in the gearless scooter category and made it name count in the list of top available option to buy still 8 years after its launch shows its great performance and authoritative name amongst available options.

The engine specification of the scooter includes 102cc air cooled four stroke engine with SOHC technology that helps the scooter to churn up the power of 6.7bhp.

Pleasure carries best in class mileage of over 70kmpl and the top speed offered by the lightweight scooter with vibrant color options is 85kmpl.

Price Range: 48,099

9. TVS Wego 

TVS Wego

TVS is leading name in the two wheeler automobile series and Wego model boasts to be the first of its kind with EZ stand and the body balance that helps elderly people to drive the scooter with ease.

The Engine specification of the scooter includes a 109.7cc engine with four strokes and air cooled technology that helps to churn up the power of 7.5bhp.

TVS Wego was awarded as the best scooter in Gearless Range with mileage of 45-50kmpl and a top speed of 85kmpl.

Price Range: 48,093 to 58,713

8. Mahindra Duro DZ 

Mahindra Duro DZ

Duro by Mahindra has recently topped the best scooter option for men and here also marked its positioning as the leading name in the list.

Mahindra Duro carries engine specification as a 124.6cc engine with four-stroke technology and petrol engine capable that helps it to churn out the power of 10.9bhp.

The top speed offered by the giant riding option is 90kmph and the efficiency of the scooter carries 45kmpl.

Price Range: 46,279 to 51,380

7. Honda Dio Bike 

Honda Dio Bike

Honda comes with unique design and something new to offer as Honda Dio as it contains floodlights not in the handle but the front body of the scooter.

The engine specification of the scooter carries 109cc engine with SOHC technology that churns up the power of 8Nm and 8bhp.

Price Range: 53,067

6. Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto

Gusto is the leading and the most famous model of the Mahindra in the Gearless category, Gusto first of the scooter offering adjustable seat option.

The engine of the scooter as the economical range is powered with 109.6cc 4 Stroke M-Tech engine.

Other top rated specification includes CVT Transmission for smooth ride and front kick starter.

Price Range: 46,010 to 55,880

5. Hero Motocorp Duet 

Hero Motocorp Duet

Another Hero MotoCorp product included in the listing, the top rated specification includes all metal body with curvy design available as two variants LX And VX

The engine specification of the model Hero Duet includes 111cc forced air cooled Technology with four strokes and Single Cylinder.

The mileage offered is 63.5kmpl.

Price Range: 47,830 to 54,771

4. TVS Jupiter 

TVS Jupiter 110cc

In a recent survey, TVS Jupiter is the second best scooter option opted by most of Indians crowd in last two years. The scooter comes with two drive modes powerful and economic mode.

The engine specification includes 110cc single stroke and air cooled technology engine with vibe free drive.

The top speed offered by this TVS scooter is 82kmph and the mileage offered is 50-55 kmph.

Price Range: 46,543 to 58,830

3. Piaggio Vespa 


Piaggio is the new scooter sensation with its vintage and unique looks designed by the special set of Italian designers, although the scooter carries high price but the scooter is the first choice of every young two-wheeler rider.

Vespa at present is launched with 5 variant models and the most economic model is powered by 111cc engine and CVT Gearbox.

Vespa carries the quality of self-start technology and minimal noise technology.

Price Range: 72,889

2. Hero Maestro Edge 

Hero MaestroEdge

Hero Maestro Edge is the upgraded model of the Maestro Edge powered with unique specifications as LED Taillight and all metal model with trendy color options.

The engine specification of the scooter includes 110.9cc Engine with OHC Engine and air-cooled technology.

Price Range: 49,230 to 54,774

1. Honda Activa 

launched its 3rd Generation

The leading name in the Gearless Scooter range is Honda Activa with unique looks and two variant options 110cc and 125cc engine options. The scooter is equipped with HET (Honda Eco Technology) with mileage of 62kmpl.

The Scooter is installed with one touch start option, the top speed of the scooter is 90kmph and minimal noise pollution technology.

Honda Activa has launched its 3rd Generation Scooter with new Price range and specifications.

Price Range: 58,873 to 74,272

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