Top 10 Best Scooty (Scooter) Under 70,000 Rs. In India 2018

Mahindra Rodeo RZ 124.6cc

You want to equip the best available scooter or scooty as your riding partner with INR 70,000 budget, don’t bother or confuse over the available range of choices in the list as 80% of the scooter and scooty are available with price tag INR 70,000 or less. As more and more foreign companies in the field of two wheeler transportation turning ways in India seeing it as a good market for scooter and scooty. The competition amongst company to offer the best available riding companion for the customers with best possible accessories and handy price range make available over 160+ models available to buy with the price tag 70,000 or below.

No need to panic as we will not discuss all 160+ models or want you to go through all options available. We have just made the task easy as we will represent the best available 10 options to buy under the range offering all important specification. You must be thinking about the criteria for ranking, we just compile the response of different customers told about their experience with these riding options.

Here is the available list just go over it and choose the best available choice.

10. Piaggio Fly 125cc

Piaggio Fly 125cc

  • Piaggio is the Italian based company that offers little bit higher range but trendy scooter or scooty options that have transformed the needs of the audience from being just a riding option to smart riding option.
  • Piaggio Fly is charged with a 125cc engine that works well in combination with 4 stroke engine with air cooled technology.
  • The engine of the scooter has the ability to churn up the power of 10.5bhp power and 10.7Nm.

Price INR 55,000

9. Yamaha Nozza Grande 125cc

  • Yamaha the Japanese based company is known well to deliver powerful performance in combination with semi-sporty looks, the Nozza Grande model comes under the same trend.
  • Yamaha Nozza’s engine is powered by 125cc engine with air cooled technology and minimal noise working ability.
  • Engine with immense power has the ability to churn up the power of 11bhp and the torque worth 13Nm.
  • The Scooter comes with slightly split seat and very stylish looks.

Price INR 60,000

8. Piaggio Liberty

Piaggio Liberty

  • Another Piaggio scooter in the range shows the maestro quality of the scooters with stunning looks and top-class performance combined with stunning looks that will surely help to offer new style statement.
  • The slightly less displacement powered scooter is powered with an 110.2cc engine with air cooled technology and 4 stroke engine.
  • The front based wheel of the scooter has 200mm disk brake and the brake at the rear wheel has 110mm disc brake.
  • Other top rated feature of the scooter includes electric start, step up seat, pillion footrest.

Price INR 70,000

7. Honda Lead 125cc

Honda Lead 125cc

  • Honda leads the league of Honda’s scooter with slighter more efficient and power in combination with seamless riding assurance on bumpy and traffic freak India’s roads.
  • The 138mm ground clearance helps the scooter a good option for the sloppy region or to be opted in hilly areas.
  • The fuel storage capacity of the scooter is measured as 6L with mileage of 55kmpl.

Price INR 68,000

6. Hero Dare 125cc

Hero Dare 125cc

  • After Honda we have Hero’s scooter with all set of the same specification at the no.6th spot, the Dare is however equipped with a hydraulic shock absorber that helps to stop smoothly in case of emergency.
  • Automatic transmission with engine helps to enhance efficiency rate of Hero Dare.
  • The engine specification of the scooter includes 124.6cc engine powered with 9.4bhp power with 7500RPM.
  • The fuel tank capacity of the giant performer is 6 Litres.
  • Mileage offered by Hero Dare is 60kmpl.

Price INR 61,000

5. TVS Qube

TVS Qube

  • TVS has launched dual fuel mode first model in India, the Auto Expo model representation of TVS Qube gained much popularity and appreciation from automobile experts.
  • TVS Qube is powered with 110cc engine that works perfectly to churn up the required power with the same panel.
  • The other fuel electric charged battery is fitted with high in power 800W engine battery with range 10Ah and 48V.
  • The stunning looks and design of the dual fuel model add more positive points in its account.

Price INR 65,000

4. Hero Dash 110cc

Hero Dash 110cc

  • People want one-time investment and long term benefit should surely opt for the Hero Dash model as it offers best in class efficiency and a special eco-friendly set of the engine.
  • Hero Dash comes with 110cc engine with the best efficiency as compared to other models, the engine is powered with single cylinder and air cooled technology.
  • Hero Dash works with zero noise based technology.

Price INR 59,000

3. Mahindra Rodeo RZ

Mahindra Rodeo RZ 124.6cc

  • Mahindra & Mahindra is known to be one of the prominent names in the transportation field making India proud with series of middle and heavy weight transport option.
  • Rodeo 125cc offers weight 111kg that makes it a good option for male and female both with perfect balancing option.
  • The mileage offered by the scooter is 60kmpl.
  • The Fuel Tank capacity of Rodeo RZ 125cc engine is 5L.

Price INR 63,345

2. Honda Aviator Disc 109cc

Honda Aviator Disc 109cc

  • Honda has revised the specifications of the Aviator model offering a more featured model with 5 variable speed options.
  • The displacement offered by the scooter is 109cc with 8bhp power.
  • The mileage offered by the scooter is 45lmpl.

Price INR 64,534

1. Honda Activa DLX 125cc

Honda Activa DLX 125cc

  • The Deluxe model of Activa comes with power mode of speed indicator on the digital speedometer.
  • The engine is charged with automatic gearbox just touching the efficiency rate of the bikes with the 125STD engine.
  • The Scooter is available with four vibrant color options.

Price INR 61,113

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Hope you find the best available option in the list for you, the above list of the scooters available is the top available options with the price tag INR 70,000 or less. All these scooters are rated as the top choice marked by different online transportation sites as per the choice of customers.

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