Top 10 Best Scooty (Scooters) Under 50000 Rs In India 2018

Honda Activa-i

Modern India needs a perfect riding partner with sleek and majestic designing and the ride just takes you to your destination with essentiality marked, no hectic major traffic as with Scooter and Scooty you can make your own way from gaps. Riding Scooter and Scooty gives you a sense of freedom as you don’t need any driver or cab to let you reach your destination just collect your guards as essential papers and helmet, you are now ready for a self-obsessed ride. The popularity of Scooter and Scooty in India has attracted a number of new automobile sector to establish their new set of the market in India as larger population and far destination counts their success chance to increase many folds.

The competition in the market in recent years has seen a gradual fall in the price of Scooters and Scooty in India, by lowering down the price it doesn’t mean customers need to compromise with technology or power. Different globally hit companies are offering technology and design packed scooter in India with innovative design and attractive looks to magnetize the 40% population of India comprises with the presence of young hearts. The first thing we look while opting the best is budget friendly riding option with all important accessories.

The list of the articles contains the name and specification of scooters with price tag INR 50,000 or less, ranks of these popular scooters are based on their popularity amongst people and their mileage in combination with their compatibility on Indian bumpy roads.

10. Honda Dio

Honda Dio Bike

  • Honda is one of the leading India’s MotoCorp Company that separated its way in the year 2011 with Hero; Honda offers its riding options in the range of two wheelers only in India.
  • Honda Dio one of the most efficient and modern looking Scooter in the market carries new edition of shifting floodlights in the body rather than the handle of the Scooter.
  • The Engine specification of the scooter carries 109cc 4 stroke engine based on SOHC and Air Cooled technology. The engine has the ability to churn up 8bhp power at 7500rpm.

Price Range: Rs. 45,000

9. Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

  • Pleasure is one of the most popular Scooters or Scooty option in India launched far back in 2006 with light weight and a special set of design for women riders only, later its upgraded version carried the tag of Hero unisex scooter.
  • The engine specification of Pleasure carries 102cc engine with four strokes single cylinder technology that has the ability to churn up 5.03KW power with 7000rpm.
  • Hero Pleasure is famous for its sleek and compact design combined with the top speed of 85kmph and best in class mileage of 65kmpl.

Price Range: Rs.  43,000

8. TVS Scooty Streak

TVS Scooty Streak

  • TVS is the top contender as the leading market ruler in the category of two wheelers automobile, the Indian proud company with its base in Chennai is stiff competition for global companies across India and World.
  • The Unisex Scooter with the tag lightweight is compiled with Engine of 87.8cc single cylinder four stroke engine. The Scooter has the ability to churn up 5bhp power with 6500rpm; the torque measured at maximum level is 5.8nm at 4000rpm.
  • The best in class mileage offered by Streak is 75kmpl and a top speed of 80kmpl.

Price Range: Rs. 44,000

7. Mahindra Duro DZ

Mahindra Duro DZ

  • Mahindra & Mahindra is another Indian originated automobile company with its reach over light, middle and heavyweight automobile segment. Mahindra specially appoints Russian based engineer to design and develop its scooter and scooter.
  • Mahindra Duro DZ is the upgraded version of Mahindra Duro that carries more options to choose as comes with 7 vibrant color options and best in class mileage of 57kmpl.
  • Engine specification carries 124.6cc with four stroke engine.

Price Range: Rs.  47,000

6. TVS Wego

TVS Wego

  • TVS Wego is available with a metallic finish and curvy design that offers it durable life and stunning looks.
  • The engine specification of Wego carries 109.7cc engine that has the ability to produce 8bhp power with 7500rpm and torque worth 8nm.
  • The mileage offered is 55kmpl with the top speed of 84kmph.

Price Range: Rs.  48,000

5. Hero MotoCorp Maestro

Hero MotoCorp Maestro

  • Maestro is the older version of Edge model, the new model is not listed in the article as the price of the new model is high. Digital analog cluster or digital speedometer is the highlight of Maestro.
  • Maestro fitted with 109cc four stroke engine with OHC technology can churn up a power of 6KW and torque worth 9.1onm.
  • The trendsetter offers mileage worth 60kmpl.

Price Range: Rs.49,000

4. Mahindra Gusto 110 VX


  • Mahindra Gusto is the most famous scooter with Mahindra tag offers as two variants 125 and 110cc engine.
  • Displacement of the scooter carries 8bhp power at 7500rpm and torque worth 9nm at 5500rpm.

Price Range: Rs. 48,050

3. Yamaha Ray Z

Yamaha Ray-Z

  • The semi-sports look Yamaha scooter offers a mileage of 55kmpl and power hand in hand with composite in the budget price tag.
  • The Yamaha Ray Z engine specification of the scooter carries 113cc displacement with 7bhp at 7500 and torque worth 8.1nm.

Price Range: Rs. 45,000

2. Honda Activa I

Honda Activa-i

  • The compact Honda Activa edition with its command and rule over the slighter budget friendly scooter carries all leading specification same as original Honda Activa.
  • The 109cc engine of the scooter generates power of 8.15bhp and torque of 8.74nm for a better riding experience.
  • The Honda Activa-i is available to buy with three trendy color options.

1. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter 110cc

  • TVS Jupiter tops the list as the scooter is the best available option under 50,000 INR and at present shines as the second best scooter model in India in the overall category.
  • The highly innovative noise cancellation scooter with OHC engine 109.7cc generates 8bhp power and 8nm torque.
  • The mileage offered by this tvs scooter is 60kmpl with 4 color options.

Price Range: Rs. 49,000

The popularity of bikes as the two-wheeler king is a past way thing as Scooter or Scooty is the something new with no gender tag or age bar. Hope you got your riding companion by reading top-ranked scooter under INR 50,000.

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