Top 10 Best Scooty (Scooters) for Boys (Men) in India 2018

Piaggio Vespa VX
Scooty or Gearless Scooters are no more Girls thing, as just a decade before people classified hunk bikes as the riding option for Boys and Scooty with less weight and combinations suitable for Girls was marked as the Independent Girl’s riding option. Scooters with gearless technology are more suitable for city roads with huge traffic jams as shifting gear in slow moving traffic is just a mess and results choking in bikes. The Scooters developer launched their Unisex Scooters range with no tag for any particular gender or age barrier. The trendy scooters with a powerful engine and vibrant color option have snatched away the top positioning from Bikes and emerge as the new favorite in the range of two wheeler riding options.

Check out the list as best available Scooter/Scooty for males in the market with their full specifications.

10. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter 110cc

TVS is topmost Indian transportation sector in India as TVS two wheeler is the leading name in the sector of motorcycles transportation options. TVS Jupiter launched in 2014 in the market to grab control over the two wheeler section.

The trendy look of the scooter along with European Designers fine set of technology boosted its overall looks and performance, Alloy wheels, drum brakes and telescopic suspension are included for a more smooth run and control.

The engine specification of Scooter includes a 109cc engine with four-stroke technology and single cylinder air cooled technology.

The 109cc engine of Jupiter churns up 7.80bhp and maximum torque of 7,500rpm.

The best in class mileage of the scooter is 56kmpl.

Price Range: 49,600

9. Hero Maestro Dix 

Hero Maestro

Hero Maestro Dix is the new range of Maestro model launched as the compact scooty range under Hero’s tag, Hero is one of the leading names in the two wheeler section as the proud manufacturer of Scooters and Bikes.

Maestro Dix advanced many features to the simple Maestro model, the metallic finish, and curvy design develops a craving for it as a buying option. One of the leading specifications added to the scooter includes carburetor fuel system that helps the scooter to add more efficiency for riders.

Engine Specification of the scooter includes a 109cc engine that helps to churn out the power of 8.2bhp and has the maximum power of 6.2kw at the marvelous rate 8000rpm.

Price Range: 57,000

8. Mahindra Duro DZ 

Mahindra Duro DZ

Mahindra Duro DZ is the most dazzling model by Mahindra launched with special consideration for the male riders, the most advanced feature of the scooter is its powerful engine and perfect balance option with 125kg kerb weight.

The fuel tank capacity of the scooter is 6.7 liters one of the best in class and with a special set of storage option available under the seat and enlarged floor base space.

The mileage of the scooter is 56.3kmpl one of the best in class that will surely lead you to a long journey with a tank full.

The engine specification of the scooter includes a 125cc engine that has the power to churn up 8bhp and the rate 7000rpm.

Price Range: 47,000

7. Hero Maestro Edge

Hero MaestroEdge

Hero is the leading company in the two wheeler section with the great value offered for the riders and a special set of specification and features combined in order to offer efficiency and power. Maestro and its other variant as upgraded model are very much popular amongst male riders.

The Scooter is powered by a 110cc engine that has the ability to churn up the power of 8000rpm.

The powerful engine of the scooter helps it to leads the top speed of 85kmph with the efficient price range. The kerb weight of this scooty is 109 kgs.

Price Range: 56,500

6. Mahindra Gusto 

Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto is the most likable model available for male riders in India, the model is available in the market as 110cc and 125cc engine both and the company is planning to launch 150cc engine specification Gusto model.

The leading and more popular model 110cc engine has the ability to churn up 8bhp power at 7500rpm.

The mileage and fuel efficiency of the scooter are 63kmpl.

Different color options with adjustable seats are leading features of the model.

Price Range: 47,000

5. Honda Aviator Deluxe 

Honda Aviator Deluxe

Honda Aviator Deluxe is the upgraded model of the Honda Aviator that is the vintage and powerful model and emerges as one of the earliest models as the available scooter option for men in the market.

The engine of the scooter is powered with 110cc engine and churns up the power of 8bhp and 7000rpm, automatic gearbox and 109kg Kerb Weight.

Price Range: 56,000

4. Honda Activa 4G

Honda Activa 4G

Honda Activa 4G is one of the best for men scooter options available in India, the best thing about the scooter is its macho look and sleek design. It is launched to replace the Honda Activa 3G scooter by honda company.

The engine of the scooter is 110cc is powered with 8bhp and the rate of torque is 7500rpm. Its generates maximum torque of 8.83 Nm @ 5,500 rpm. The fuel tank capacity is 5.30 litres.

Price Range: 50,850

3. Yamaha Fascino 

Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha is a fascinating Scooter and Bikes brand in India with semi-sporty looks and stunning features, Fascino has special mark amongst the young male riders.

Fascino model is charged with 113cc engine and has the ability to churn up 7.1 PS bhp.

Decent looks and rugged design with curvy looks and compact design are the top rated feature of Yamaha Fascino.

Price Range:  58,210

2. Suzuki Access 125 

Suzuki Access 125

  • Suzuki is the leading name in the sports section of riding edition available in India, Suzuki always offers best in class technology with vibrant color options and powerful performances.
  • Suzuki Access 125 is the upgraded model of 110cc engine with single cylinder and 4 stroke specifications.
  • The Scooter is charged with 6.4kw and aired with drum brake for front and rear case.

Price Range: 57,880

1. Piaggio Vespa VX 

Piaggio Vespa VX

  • Piaggio the Italian brand with Vespa model is the best-rated scooter for male riders in India. Vespa is available with many model ranges and the 125cc engine with generates 10PS power and releases fast energy to drive the motor.
  • The price of the scooter is priced high but the specification of scooter are with it as it is compiled with drum brakes and front suspension.
  • Vibrant color options and its vintage looks are the classy features of the scooter tagged with efficiency and powerful engine.

Price Range:  72,570 to 78,890

These are the best available options as the scooter and gearless scooty for the male riders in India. These options are best available with special features and sporty looks worth for male riders.

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