Top 10 Cheapest Scooty (Scooters) With Price In India 2018

Scooters with mileage and great performance are the new smarter way to ride and expand your business as transporting not so bulky items from one place to another as part of intra-city transportation is not sensible to apply with rickshaw or any other commercial vehicle. In other sense if you are willing to ride your way towards a poor public transport link as part of college or workplace but with a tight budget, don’t bother the list with the best scooter options and comparatively less price range will soothe down your nerves. Carrying your own riding partner also helps to become your own master and cut short the dependency streak from once life. Scooter and Scooty ranges offering a set of expensive as well as low and middle-class range affordable chain of scooters carry something important and convenient for every person.

The list in the article will surely let you inform about the best Scooter and Scooter option available in India to buy the category of petrol and electric based scooter. The criteria of rank for these scooters and scooty are based on their availability across India’s leading automobile trading units and the response of the users on different online portals. The sleek and compact design of the scooters in the list will carry all important specification information along with the mileage offered by the scooters. The maximum price in the list is tuned to be 40,000 maximum with a combination of both electric and petrol based scooters in India. Being cheaper these models are rated high in terms of their looks and powerful performance in combination with durability. Here is the list of top available scooter and scooty option with the tag being the cheapest available option in India and highly appreciable performance.

10. Honda Eterno

Honda Eterno

  • You can simply call Honda Eterno as the beast with a least possible price range and a top speed of 90kmph.
  • The engine specification of the giant scooter with 4 stroke technology is a 147.5cc engine with the power of 8.2bhp and the torque worth 10.63Nm.
  • The other leading specification of the scooter includes drum brakes, LED indicators and huge under seat storage.

Price INR 39,200

9. Indus Yo Spin

Indus Yo Spin

  • The most efficient and cheapest electric based scooter option is available under Indus name with Yo Spin model with just 26,000 ex-showroom price across leading automobile outlets.
  • The leading features of the scooter include self-start magnet brushless DC motor engine and lightweight.
  • Yo Spin carries decent mileage range of 55kmpl and low battery indicator with two color options gray and yellow.

Price INR 27,000

8. BSA Motors Diva

BSA Motors Diva

  • Firmly categorized for the female riders, the scooter is equipped with a lead acid battery that let the rider to drive it without maintenance hassle.
  • Charging full for 6 to 8 hours, Diva has the ability to offer 70km extend run without any stop with the classic top speed of 25kmph.
  • The leading specification for electric based bike is front and drum brakes, double sided grab rail. The scooter is available at leading automobile outlets and doesn’t need any registration or license to ride officially on city roads.

Price INR 29,000

7. Indus Yo Smart

Indus Yo Smart

  • Another cheap Electric Indus scooter is in the list with an aerodynamic shape and better night light, the smart scooter carries attractive looks and vibrant color options.
  • With a full charge for 6 to 8 hours, the scooter runs for 75km extended distance with a top speed for 25kmph known to be a decent speed range for an electric scooter.
  • The motor specification of the scooter includes brushless DC motor with 5 vibrant color options available.

Price INR 28,350

6. TVS Scooty Teenz

TVS Scooty Teenz

  • TVS Teenz as the name suggest was meant to entertain school and tuition going teens with better speed control and lightweight for perfect balance.
  • The engine specification of the scooter includes 59.2cc 2 stroke engine with single cylinder and forced air cooled technology.
  • Leading specification of the scooter includes brilliant body design, fuel tank capacity and auto radial clutch that comes with the centrifugally operation.

Price INR 26,285

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5. Kinetic Sym Flyte

You can call it the most efficient and power packed petrol based scooter with aluminum bottom Bride that contains oil damping.

The engine specification of the scooter carries 124.6cc powered engine with 4 stroke air cooled technology; the maximum power churned up by the scooter is 8bhp with maximum torque of 7nm.

Kinetic Sym Flyte

Vibrant color options and easy balance options mark the scooty a better and smart choice worth buy.

Price INR 40,000

4. Enigma Intense

Enigma Intense

  • The uniquely designed electric scooter offers a mileage of 45km as one full charge.
  • The scooter is powered by 25Ah battery with digital analog that offers the facility to change driving mode as economy or power.
  • Telescopic suspension and fitted drum brakes offer smooth rides on Indian potholed roads marking the journey a pleasant experience.

Price INR 28,500

3. Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

  • The lightweight scooter is recommended as the best lightweight scooter with Hero’s great service and trendy color options.
  • The upgraded version with prominent features as drum brakes and front telescopic suspension for perfect balance and run on India’s bumpy roads.
  • The scooter offers 55kmpl mileage with top speed 85kmph.
  • The engine specification of scooter carries 102cc engine with 7bhp power and 7.85Nm torque.

Price INR 37,000

2. Mahindra Kine

Mahindra Kine

  • Mahindra is another leading name in two wheelers category with smaller displacement and 71.5cc engine.
  • Being lower on side of displacement, Mahindra Kine offers a top speed of 75kmph and best in class mileage of 78kmpl.
  • The 71.5cc engine of the scooter churns up the power of 5nm with torque worth 2.8bhp.

Price INR 35,600

1. TVS Scooty Streak

TVS Scooty Streak

  • The best in the list cheapest, as well as top performer scooty, is the Streak model that carries 87.4cc engine and 4 strokes single cylinder technology based scooter.
  • Engine specification of the scooter carries power worth 8Nm and 7Bhp.
  • The mileage offered is 60kmpl.

Price INR 35,500

The other top rated scooter seems to be compared models along with these names are BSA Motor Street Rider and other electric-based scooters. Hope you find your best riding companion along with the listed scooters.

All prices are mentioned maybe differ in your area.

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