Top 10 Most Lightweight Scooty for Girls & Women in India 2018

Day by Day the problem of traveling for women is becoming a severe option as the available transportation system has failed to let women and girls safe even in day time. So what is the bottom line of the situation, should women give up traveling. No apparently not, the best answer to the question is to become self-dependent, women has shown their worth in every field, now comes the time to wipe out the taboo that women are bad drivers or riders. Most of India’s population lives with medium wages pattern, so it is not budget friendly to buy a car and drove it each time you need to visit a destination.

The almost perfect solution for the situation is gearless scooters or scooty with lightweight and efficient price range. Most of the scooters companies in the market have designed lightweight and high in mileage sleek and trendy design. Surely you like the idea to be self-dependent, here we try to help you to buy your dream riding partner.

10. Scooty Pep+

TVS Scooty Pep Plus

Scooty Pep+ is one of the first two-wheeler options for women and teenagers launched in India with qualities lightweight and easy to handle on road secure ways to drive.

  • The Scooter with low displacement quality offers 87cc engine and 4 stroke technology combined with air cooled technology that marks it a good choice on tougher terrains and bumpy roads.
  • The feather light weight command SCooty Pep+ is available with 95kg weight.
  • Sleek design and metallic colors combine best to offer more color choices to choose.

Price INR 43,534

9. Hero Pleasure

Hero Pleasure 2014

Hero Pleasure’s tagline “why should boys have all the fun” won million women heart and formed overnight success for the scooter with sleek and light riding companion.

  • Engine specification of the new model with better pickup includes 102cc 4 stroke engine with 8.10Nm maximum torque.
  • This hero scooter comes with built-in boot light for luggage box.
  • Hero Pleasure comes with the basic weight category of 102kg.

Price INR 44,900

8. TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter 110cc

TVS Jupiter carries Unisex tag, in the recent time the Scooter with vibrant new colors become popular amongst female riders with dual-mode driving option.

  • The engine of the Jupiter is tagged with 110cc in addition of CVT-I engine technology that makes it more efficient.
  • For speed freaks, the scooty boasts of reaching 0-60kmph pickup in just 11.2 seconds.
  • Power mode and economic mode offered by the scooter helps to control fuel efficiency.

Price INR 47,989

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7. Honda Dio

Honda Dio

If you want combination of lightweight and semi-sporty looks with vibrant color options, Honda Dio is the perfect choice with the perfect blend of performance, style, and comfort.

  • The weight of the scooty is about 105kg that makes it perfect for women to handle.
  • The choice of four different colors and disc brakes is available at all leading automobile stores across India.
  • The engine specification of the scooter includes an 110cc engine with four stroke technology.

Price INR 52,298

6. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

Most of the 125cc engine scooty are rated as bulky with weight, Suzuki Access is the lightest weight 125cc engine scooter with stylish and strong looks.

  • Suzuki Access 125 comes with a multi-reflector headlamp that aids better night vision.
  • The scooter comes with central locking system, tubeless tires, and maintenance free battery.

Price INR 56,603

5. Honda Aviator

Aviator for most of the customers may look as the option for women only, the detail is incorrect as the kerb weight the single entity that decides the scooter be the best available option for women is just 109kg.

It is one of the best scooty by Honda company.

Honda Aviator

  • The engine specification of the scooter carries 109.19cc engine with 4 stroke engine and maximum torque of 8.77Nm.
  • Five different color options make it a worth buy as stunning color combinations surely attracts more female buyers.

Price INR 54,515

4. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

Call it a boy or girl, Honda Activa 125 is the best available choice as the riding option for all age group people and both gender with LED backlights and a fine set of new color options.

  • The engine of the Scooter is marked with 125cc four-stroke engines with 10.2Nm torque.
  • Honda Activa is available to buy with 4 color options and Rebel Red Metallic is the most preferred choice.

Price INR 50,046

3. Suzuki Let’s


Suzuki Let’s is one of the sleekest and compact scooters offered by Suzuki with greater fuel efficiency and whopping best in class mileage.

  • Weight is one of the best-rated features of Suzuki Let’s as the scooter offers just 98kg weight.
  • Other top rated features in the scooter include anti-skid tubeless tires as well as a build-in indicator with buzzer option.

Price INR 50.096

2. TVS Scooty Zest 110

TVS Scooty Zest 110

One of the recent option available for women includes many allusive features, the scooter came in the news as female rider rode it for Himalayan ride a few months back.

  • The 110cc engine scooter is available with inbuilt USB Charger and LED light system.
  • The weight of the scooter is 105kg that counts it a better option for women and teenagers to balance well.
  • Pearl Peach is one of the best-rated color options under Zest batch of TVS scooters.

Price INR 52,228

1. Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto

  • The most notable feature that makes Gusto best available option for women is its adjustable seat option, the seat can be adjusted as per the convenient of the riders and women loved the feature.
  • The engine specification of the scooter includes 110cc, four stroke engine.
  • Pocket size facility under display panel offers a place to keep keys, sunnies, and kohl pencils.

Price INR 44,850

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The list with rank above will surely help you to buy the best lightweight scooter as lightweight ensures perfect balancing. The ranks of the scooters are based on different female riders opened up their mind over different online transportation based portals.

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