Top 10 Upcoming Scooty (Scooters) In India 2018

Hero Leap Hybrid SES

With the growing trend for two-wheelers and especially scooters in India, it’s no doubt that companies are engrossed in a battle to lead the sales chart. There are newer and better offerings being brought into the market every now and then.

The upcoming year of 2017 is another such period where the companies have enlisted their schedules to launch another set of great pieces of scooty for people. We here looked upon the upcoming pieces and reigned in for the best one of the lot. We looked into the company’s upcoming catalogue and seeded the best ones accordingly in our list down below.

Read along for the list on ‘Top 10 Upcoming Scooty/Scooters in India 2017’.

10. Hero Dare

Hero Dare

  • Not wanting to be left behind in the race for the top-selling brand in scooty range, Hero is planning to come up with this newest entrant modelled as Dare.
  • The scooty will bear 124.6cc single cylinder engine with a peak power of 9.38 Bhp and torque offering of 9.8 Nm.
  • The scooty will sport disc brakes on the front and drum ones on the rear side.
  • It will feature full digital console and will have utility features like amobile phone charger and more.

Price- Rs 56,000-61,000 (Expected)

9. Yamaha D’elight

Yamaha D’elight

  • Made along the visual and design lines kind of Vespa, this one is likely to catapult Yamaha into younger generations.
  • Although, Yamaha features three variants in their scooty range, the addition of D’elight will aid their sales greatly.
  • It will feature 114cc air cooled engine with a peak power of 7.1 Bhp and a max torque of 7.6 Nm.
  • The scooty will bear fuel injection system, the first of its kind in the segment and shall have adisc brake on the front.
  • It is stipulated to release in the first quarter of 2017.

Price- Rs 50,000-55,000 (Expected)

8. Yamaha Ray 125

Yamaha Ray 125

  • The scooty, built along the lines of Ray series will feature new changed specs and performance metrics.
  • Yamaha has keenly planned Ray 125 as its doorway to the popular 125cc segment in India.
  • It will likely feature disc brakes on the front and drum ones on the rear side.
  • It is scheduled to release in the latter half of 2017 with September as the mentioned month.

Price- Rs 51,000-60,000 (Expected)

7. Piaggio Liberty 125

Piaggio Liberty 125

  • Another great piece of scooty scheduled to release in 2017, Piaggio Liberty 125 is there for the taking.
  • It will sport 125cc engine with CVT transmission mode.
  • The scooty will support a peak power of 10.2 Bhp and a max torque of 10.43 Nm.
  • It is likely to have theft immobiliser, fuel indicator and modern instrument cluster.
  • The scooty will efficiently hold 10.8 ltr of fuel which shall support a mileage of 59 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 55,000-61,000 (Expected)

6. Vespa Fly125

Vespa Fly125

  • Vespa, the leading market trendsetters and one of the top-tiered producers of scooters worldwide, will be back with another offering named Fly125 in the month of May 2017.
  • The scooty will feature 125cc engine along the lines of previous offerings from Vespa and will sport slight tweaks.
  • It will have telescopic front and hydraulic shock absorber on the rear side of the scooty.
  • The scooty will likely have drum brakes while disc may be available as options.

Price- Rs 50,000-70,000 (Expected)

5. Hero ZIR

Hero ZIR

  • Hero MotoCorp’s product lineage is all set to release another one of great scooters in 2017 modelled as ZIR.
  • It will be available in two looks, the European style and the Conventional style aka flat footboard.
  • The scooty will bear 157cc single cylinder engine delivering a power of 13.9 Bhp and a torque of 12.7 Nm.
  • The scooty will feature hydraulic brakes on both the rear and front along with modern features like theall-digital instrument panel, LED indicators and more.
  • It will host a fuel tank with a capacity of 9 ltr.

Price- Rs 70,000-90,000 (Expected)

4. Hyosung ST-E3 EVA

Hyosung ST-E3 EVA

  • Marking its presence in the Indian scooty segment, Hyosung is all set to deliver eco-friendly electric scooty.
  • It has a contemporary retro style design that offers appealing looks.
  • It will be powered by DC-in wheel motor that can offer a peak power of 3.8 Bhp.
  • The scooty will house CVT gearbox along with thecentrifugal clutch plate.
  • It will take three hours to fully recharge which in turn shall run till 100 km with ease.

Price- Rs 65,000-80,000 (Expected)

3. Hero Leap Hybrid SES

Hero Leap Hybrid SES

  • A hybrid based scooter first showcased in the auto expo in 2012, this one will finally hit the markets soon.
  • It will bear lithium-ion batteries and shall provide a power of 10.7 Bhp while the torque on offer willbe 60 Nm.
  • It will be supported by a124cc petrol engine and a three ltr fuel tank.
  • The scooty will bear futuristic designs and have anall-LED lighting system.

Price- Rs 74,000-1,10,000 (Expected)

2. Honda PCX125 

Honda PCX125

  • A premium scooter featuring great aesthetic looks and designs, this one will hit the markets in 2017.
  • The scooty will bear 125cc single cylinder liquid cooled engine.
  • It will be further engrained with Honda’s patented systems like Smart Power, smart navigation and theft-proof feature.
  • It will have fuel injection system and have a kerb weight of 124.4 kg.
  • It is said to feature a fuel tank capacity of 6.2 ltr.

Price- Rs 85,000-1,10,000 (Expected)

1. Vespa GTS 300

Vespa GTS 300

  • If you ever wanted a feel of the premium piece of scooty on your hands, Vespa GTS 300 will offer you rightly so.
  • It will be most powerful product offering of Vespa and has already seen its debut in the International market.
  • It will feature a278cc single cylinder engine with a peak power of 22 Bhp and a torque of 22.3 Nm.
  • The scooty will project analog-cum-digital instrument cluster with an LCD
  • It will also have ABS support and will feature disc brakes on the front and the rear.
  • The stipulated mileage for this one is 28 km/ltr.

Price- Rs 4,50,000-5,00,000 (Expected)

How’s the list then? What’s your pick for the upcoming year from these? Let us know about it in the comment box.

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