Top 5 Best Scooty (Scooter) for Beginners

When I was 18 and started looking for two-wheelers, the obvious choice was scooty. Because of it’s easy to drive gearless technology and less cc engine which helps greatly in control when you are beginners. It is important for all beginner looking for best scooty for their first drive, I would recommend to choose 125cc engine.

When we talk about the best scooter for beginners, these two-wheelers are the best pick because they are gear less and it’s pretty easy to ride them. One of the best options for your daily commute is a scooter. In this article, I will be talking about the 5 best scooters for you. This list works best for all men, women, boy, girl who just got their driving licence and started driving two-wheeler. I would also like to mention if any senior citizen looking for best scooty, I think they too should follow the below scooters. 

#1 Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa DLX 125cc

One of the best 124 cc two-wheeler in the segment, Honda Activa 125 weighs just 111 kgs. The scooter is best for beginners and youngsters as well. You can pick your Honda Activa 125 from a wide array of colours such as Red Metalic, Crust Metallic, Matter Silver, Pearl White and much more. The engine equipped by the manufacturer is powerful and is capable of churning out over 8.5 bhp power which has been clocked at 6,500 rotations per minute. The maximum torque which the vehicle is capable of producing is 10.54 Nm. The gear-less appeal of the vehicle backed by CDI ignition makes it a perfect choice for a beginner.

Talking about the features, you can get access to a dedicated analogue type speedometer which has been further supported by a digital fuel gauge. Also, there is a clock displayed on the dashboard and the same also houses a tripmeter. One can leverage the USB charging facility available with this vehicle. A 12V DC electric system has been provided by the company. Further, the design is ravishing, the chrome embedded in the front makes the appealing eye catchy. You can make Honda Activa 125 yours for over Rs. 61,200/- around the showrooms in the country.

#2 TVS Wego

TVS Wego

Available within an Rs. 54,000 price cap, TVS Wego offers some of the most advanced and lucrative two-wheeler specifications. The two-wheeler is capable of producing an in-city average of over 42.8 kilometres per litre. When talking about the engine behind this whopping fuel average, TVS Wego has been installed with a 109.7cc engine which can produce over 7.99 PS power. Also, users must know that the kerb weight of this vehicle is just 104 kgs and hence, it’s super light. One can even get a company assured warranty of over three years.

Talking about the technical specifications, the vehicle dimensions rests at 1834 mm X 640 mm X 1115 mm for length, breadth and height, respectively. When it comes to the wheelbase, TVS Wego has a wheelbase of 1275 mm. The company has introduced an advanced telescopic suspension in the vehicle. Also, the hydraulic dampers are gas filled. The fuel tank capacity of this out of the box two-wheeler is 5 litres. Also, the CVT transmission enabled engine equipped shows full compliance with the BSIV norms.

#3 Honda Dio

Honda Dio Bike

Launched in the current fiscal year, Honda Dio is garnering all the limelight. Thanks to its exquisite design, price cap and engine specifications. The vehicle features a state of the art chrome front and a fresh set of LED daytime running lights. Honda Dio also has a 4-in-1 key slot which has been backed by a seat opener which is remote in nature. Talking about the colour trims available with Honda Dio, there are over 8 diverse colour schemes such as Yellow, Black, Orange, Titanium and more. The dashboard console is digital and features all the standard functions.

Commenting upon the engine specifications, you can get your hands on a powerful 109.19 cc engine. The mileage capacity of Honda Dio stands at 55 kilometres per litre, which is pretty vital. The vehicle weighs just over 103 kgs and comes with a standard warranty for 2 years. There is no digital fuel indicator though. The power produced by the engine is 8.11 PS which has been recorded at 7,000 rotations per minute. The on road price of Honda Dio for standard variant can go up to Rs. 50,100/- and for the deluxe variant Rs. 54,000/-.

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#4 Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125

With a staggering mileage capacity of over 64 kilometres per litre, Suzuki Access 125 is available in markets for a little over Rs. 56,000/-. This two-wheeler comes with different ravishing colour trims such as Blue, Red, Black, Matte Black, Grey and much more. Also, the front view of the vehicle is gaudy and can attract a lot of attention. Apart from great looks, the engine specifications are impressive as well.

Suzuki Access 125 has been equipped with a 124 cc engine and the vehicle produces 8.7 PS power which has been clocked at 7,000 rotations per minute. The body design is a milestone in itself and the body weighs just 102 kgs. Also, two-wheeler enthusiasts must know that the manufacturer has introduced a dedicated Combined Braking System (CBS) in Suzuki Access 125. If you’re a novice or a beginner driver, CBS can help you with easy braking during traffic.

#5 TVS Ntorq 125

TVS Entorq 125

Looking forward to a two-wheeler which is not just lightweight, but also features a non-exhaustive list of specifications? Well, TVS Ntorq comes handy with a 124.79 cc engine which is capable of producing over 9.1 bhp of masculine power. The vehicle is lightweight and can attain a top speed of 95 kilometres per hour. What makes TVS Ntorq different than others is the variety of colour schemes. You can pick your TVS Ntorq in Matter Yellow, Matter Red, Metallic White and more. The ignition type of digital while the vehicle runs completely on petrol.

Also, the engine has been supported by a single cylinder. Hence, the peak torque produced by this two-wheeler is 10.5 Nm. The cooling system is air cooled and the transmission type is CVT-i. You can leverage the 5 litres of fuel tank capacity and can also accelerate from 0 to 60 kilometres per hour in just 9 seconds. You can buy TVS Ntorq for over Rs. 63,000/-.

How to Choose the Best Scooter for a Beginner? Here are 5 things to check

Well, once looking for scooty for beginner, they should have below things in mind

  1. Lightweight
  2. Easy to Handle
  3. Enough height (Seat and Overall)
  4. Should be self-start
  5. Should have great brake

The above-mentioned scooters are your pick when we talk about a smooth riding experience while keeping a reality check on design, weight and features.

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