Top 5 Best Scooty (Scooters) with Adjustable Seat Height

Two-wheelers are some of the best available transportation types that are available to us. Scooter manufacturers these days are offering adjustable seat feature in the two-wheelers which is making it easy for everybody to ride a comfortable journey. Let’s move ahead and know about the best 5 best seat adjustable scooters in India. 

#5 Honda Dio

Honda Dio

With a kerb weight of just over a 100 kgs, the splendid Honda Dio has a seat height of 765 mm. The overall height of the vehicle is 1133 mm and you can always adjust the seat height as per your requirement. What makes Honda Dio a perfect pic is the variety of colours available with the vehicle. You can choose your Honda Dio from Dazzle Yellow Metallic, Vibrant Orange, Sports Red and more. The vehicle has been kept in a price range of Rs. 51,000/- to Rs. 54,000/- by the Honda motors. The fuel economy value rests at 49.26 kilometres per litre as declared by the manufacturer.

The engine installed is a 109 cc type which can further churn out over 8 bhp of massive power. Also, one should note that the peak torque produced by the vehicle is 8.91 Nm which has been recorded at 5,500 rotations per minute. The transmission type is V matic and there are 2 valves present per cylinder. You can enjoy exclusive dashboard features that include a digital fuel gauge, stand alarm, clock and much more.

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#4 Hero Pleasure

Hero MotoCorp Pleasure

If you’re looking forward to a scooty which is pocket-friendly as well as contains adjustable height feature, then your search ends here. Hero Pleasure has already caught much attention in the two-wheeler gear-less segment in India with its variety of advanced features. Firstly talking about the engine specs, the vehicle has been powered by a 102 cc displacement engine. Further, the engine can produce a total torque of 7 bhp. You would be delighted to know that Hero Pleasure offers over 63 kilometres per litre of fuel economy to its riders. The maximum speed which anyone can ride comfortably on Pleasure is 77 kilometres per hour.

Now, coming to the design specifications, the panels are made up of high-grade plastic. The vehicle is easy to handle due to superior dimensions. You can get your Hero Pleasure in colour trims like Matte Axis Grey, Matte Red, Pearl White and more. The vehicle is just available for Rs. 46,000/- across the Indian market. The fuel tank capacity is 5 litres and the engine is a 4-stroke type. The under-seat storage is generous, you can also make use of carrying hook for additional carry requirement.

#3 TVS Zest 110

TVS Scooty Zest 110

It is often said that great things come in small packages. Well, the exuberant TVS Zest 110 comes handy with a 62 kilometres per litre fuel economy. Plus, the vehicle weighs just 97 kgs. An array of colour trims have been offered by the manufacturer with Zest 110. Some of them are Pearl Peach, Citrus Orange, Matte Red, Matte Purple, Powerful Pink and much more. The vehicle is suitable for both, gents and ladies and it offers a superior look. TVS Zest 110 price rests between the range Rs. 51,000/- to Rs. 54,000/-. The engine is masculine and offers a maximum power of 7.9 bhp.

The displacement value of engine equipped by TVS motors is 110 cc. The ignition type supported by vehicle is a digital IDI type. The torque value is 8.7 Nm cloaked at 5500 rotations per minute. The transmission type supported by TVS Zest is CVT and vehicle runs solely on fuel. The overall length, width and height of this two-wheeler is 1770 mm X 660 mm X 1139 mm, respectively. The seat height is 760 mm and is further adjustable. The wheelbase and ground clearance values for TVS Zest are 1250 and 150 mm, respectively.

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#2 Suzuki Lets

Suzuki Lets revamped variant was launched last year and the vehicle provides a flexible seat adjustment feature to all. One can always leverage the lush colour scheme available with Suzuki Lets such as Matte Black, Sparkle Glass Black, Royale Blue and more. The scooter complies fully with BSIV norms and also features an automatic headlamp on. The design is attractive and is best suited for youngsters. Suzuki Lets is available across the showrooms in the country with a price tag of Rs. 48,100/-.

The engine displacement of Suzuki Lets is 112.8 cc. The vehicle features an absolute automatic transmission system. When it comes to the total power, you can leverage the 8.7 bhp of whopping power. The torque produced has been well handled by the vehicle and the value touched the 9Nm threshold. Suzuki motors claim fuel economy average of 63 kilometres per litre. What comes as an interesting fact is that Suzuki Lets just weighs 98 kilograms and hence, it’s a suitable pick for many.

#1 Mahindra Gusto

Mahindra Gusto 125

Mahindra Gusto was the first every two-wheeler that came with an option of adjustable seat height in the Indian market. Mahindra and Mahindra launched this 110 cc engine in India and since then, it’s garnering limelight for all the great reasons. A user can easily adjust the seat height as per their respective requirement. Talking about the style and comfort, Gusto features a 12-inch alloy wheel, a ravishing set of tail lights cluster, revamped headlamps as well as a better seat. Also, the under-seat storage is sufficient enough to store chores and helmet, respectively.

Talking about the engine specs, the Mahindra Gusto features a 109.6 cc M-tech engine which is capable of producing a maximum power of 8.0 PS. On the other hand, the maximum torque produced by the vehicle is 9 Nm which has been clocked at 5500 rotations per minute. You can leverage the maximum speed of 85 kilometres per hour with Gusto. The vehicle can accelerate from 0-60 kmph in a matter of 12 seconds. Also, the vehicle’s fuel tank capacity is 6 litres and the body weight is a little over 118 kgs. You can get your hands on Mahindra Gusto at a price tag of over Rs. 47,000/-.