Yamaha Cygnus Alpha Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Yamaha Cygnus Alpha is in fact the third iteration of scooters they have launched in the Indian market. However, it’s not a new launch – the Cygnus Alpha was launched back in 2014 through the Auto Expo show. It’s a scooter essentially developed for the Indian market, however few neighboring countries import the Yamaha Cygnus Alpha from India to meet their domestic demands as well. On overall judgment, the Yamaha Cygnus Alpha is a scooter with great design, pleasing aesthetics, excellent performance output, wallet friendly mileage and great after sales service from Yamaha India.

Mitsuit and Yamaha Motor Company formed the joint venture in 2008 to produce and market the Yamaha two wheeler vehicles into the Indian market. Production facilities were built and marketing structures were formed, and as a result Yamaha is now one of the most popular motorbike in production in not just India but also South-East Asia. Customers don’t need to import their favorite motorbikes and scooters all the way from Japan, instead it’s easily available at their doorsteps. Yamaha Corporation and Yamaha Motor Company are separated, although Yamaha Corporation is still the largest shareholder of Yamaha Motor Company – around 12.21% of the overall shares. Yamaha Motor came into production back in 1955 through the bold moves of the first president Genichi Kawakami, now they happen to be one of the most innovative motor companies in the world.

The Yamaha Cygnus is designed to serve a specific message ‘Easy to go and high utility city mover’.With advanced motor and suspension system, the rider and pillion are supposed to move in utmost comfort around the city. Also, the fuel consumption would surely help the owner’s wallet a lot.

Features, Accessories and Specifications

Yamaha Cygnus Alpha

The Yamaha Cygnus Alpha comes with a 113 cc of engine. Power and torque outputs on the Yamaha Cygnus Alpha are on the standard levels of other two wheelers that belong to the same engine category. Maximum power the Cygnus Alpha pulls off is 7.10 bhp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque this engine offers is 8.10 Nm at 5,000 rpm. The engine has 1 cylinder and 1 spark plug, the cooling system is air cooled. The engine starts through a Capacitor Discharge Ignition technology a.k.a electronic self-starter, the riders won’t have to fiddle with the kicker to start the scooter from a dead cold state on a cold day.

The engine is equipped with an automatic gearbox. Due to having automatic transmission, almost anyone with motoring experience on main roads will be able to ride this vehicle. Unlike many other scooters in the market, the Yamaha Cygnus Alpha runs on Belt Drive. To deliver fuel into the burning chamber, a carburetor is used.

Engine capacity of Alpha is 5.20 liters with 62 kmpl rated mileage. The fuel efficiency range on this scooter is 240 kilometers.


Best Rated Features
Displacement 113cc
Maximum Power 7bhp @ 7,500rpm
Maximum Torque 8.10Nm @ 5,000rpm
Top Speed 80kmph
Mileage 66kmpl
Speedometer Analogue
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Colors and Variants

Yamaha Cygnus Alpha comes in three different variants – Standard, Limited Edition and Disc Brake edition. However, number of color schemes for this motorbike is to many, namely – magical magenta, graceful grey, gleaming gold, brilliant black, fiery red, radiant white, marvel black, beaming blue, radiant cyan and marvel black.


  • Excellent refined design.
  • Worth the price tag.


  • City mileage not very efficient.
  • The ride quality is slightly stiffer than the other models.
State  Ex-Showroom Price
Bangalore INR 60,546
Mumbai INR 62,945
Pune INR 59,900
New Delhi INR 54,409
Chennai INR 60,258
Kolkata INR 62,248
Hyderabad INR 60,578
Ahmedabad INR 59,304


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