Yamaha Ray-Z Price, Specification, Mileage, Pros & Cons Review

Yamaha needs no introduction as the leading manufacturer in the two-wheeler automobile sector is known best for bikes and scooters especially designed for the younger generation targeted at the Indian audience. The Japanese Company working towards the betterment of technology based on bikes and scooters has introduced new series of engines with characteristics of  fuel efficiency and power generation hand in hand.

To mark its way in the lightweight bike or scooters range, Yamaha has launched its Ray model that was targeted mainly for female riders, colors and light weight of the scooter along with fuel efficiency best suited the female category. The popularity and gained applauded from the audience Activa for its marketing skills, not for one but all led Yamaha to immediately launch upgrade version of Ray in order to grab market soon.

Yamaha Ray-Z with more added features that count it powerful and vibrant color options and masculine curves soon added the other half population to check it out as a buying option. Mechanically, Ray-Z remains same on many grounds with Ray the only remarkable changes labeled were marked as recycled bits and louder graphics to magnetize more crowds. The most reliable and appreciated features included as an upgrade in Yamaha Ray-Z includes the smoked-finish visor, a new instrumental panel and a carbon fibre patterned seat that offers a more comfortable seating on Ray-Z that helps to complete long journey with ease. Despite equipped with the lean and sculpted exterior, the Ray-Z model offers huge under seat storage that helps the rider to install their full faced Helmet under the seat when not in use.

Features, Accessories & Specifications

Yamaha Ray-Z

The features and specifications included in Ray-Z model of Yamaha that counts it better than the previous model in terms of looks and performances are primarily based on the performance of the engine. The 113cc engine with standard option produces 7bhp of immense power and the torque power offered includes 8Nm with the help of CVT Gearbox. Yamaha further claims that the roller-rockers and carburetor options in Ray-Z have been further updated for a better performance and the suspension has been tweeted for a more power offered to the riders. For a more consistent performance and option to smoothly stop scooter even at a high speed, drum brakes have been installed on both the wheels.

The exterior look of the Ray-Z has been marked with stunning V-shaped headlights at the front with the back side is decorated with stylish tail lamp assemblies with a clear-lens indicator on both sides. The capacity of the fuel tank is marked with 15.5 liters capacity huge storage options in the scooters range of fuel tanks.


Best Rated Features
Displacement 113cc
Maximum Power 7bhp @ 7,500rpm
Maximum Torque 8Nm @ 5,000rpm
Top Speed 78kmph
Mileage 62kmpl
Speedometer Analogue
Wheel Size 10 inches
Tubeless Tyres Yes

Colors and Variants

Yamaha Ray-Z has installed series of color options for a louder graphic to attract all age groups as the riders, the color options includes Regal Red, Astra Blue, Moon Walk White and True Blue.


  • The Blue-Core Technology offered by Yamaha offers smooth functioning of engine.
  • Mileage offered is best in range.
  • Drum Brakes ensures more safety
  • More space under seat offered and feature of large leg space mark Yamaha Ray-Z a good choice.


  • Most of the riders of Ray Z complaints lame Battery performance.
  • Riders complaint mileage of Scooter decreases to 30-35kmpl after couple of months.


State  Ex-Showroom Price
Bangalore INR 60,020
Mumbai INR 61,773
Pune INR 57,896
New Delhi INR 54,478
Chennai INR 59,631
Kolkata INR 61,216
Hyderabad INR 61,008
Chandigarh INR 52,369


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