Yamaha Scooty Price in India

2. Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally


Heavily inspired by the MT-09, the Ray ZR Street Rally is Yamaha’s recent rally-styled scooter!

Launched in 2018, this model is essentially just a decked up, “sportier” version of the Ray ZR. Rocking a brutal and sporty demeanor, the Ray ZR Street Rally flaunts a wing-style headlight fairing and some snazzy graphics. The Street Rally edition adds a great digital console and special knuckle-guards to protect your hands from wind blast and crash impact. Its razor sharp design comes complete with a bold new visor with a smoky finish and extra-edgy mirrors. Not to forget the stylish SR emblem and graphics literally from the rally world!

The standard Ray ZR and the Street Rally edition share the same 113cc Blue Core engine, telescopic suspension in the front and a single rear shock absorber. The Rally edition comes in two cool color variants – Rally Red and the iconic Yamaha Racing Blue.

Price: Rs. 58,098

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